New Kolkata Bangla Movie Malobikar Kotha starts shooting with Nigel Akkara and Rimjhim Mitra

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

new bangla movie malobikar kotha

Kolkata, November 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): Divorces are very common at this age. The rift between the husband and the wife has grown manifold and this has led to the increasing number of divorces in the country. This is what director duo MonojitKar and Jhuma Paul has taken up as their subjects in their upcoming film project MalobikarKotha.

Speaking with Jhuma Paul, WBRi correspondent got to know about many facts about this film, MalobikarKotha. “MalobikarKotha is not the typical commercial film which has hero and the heroine singing songs around trees or dancing at foreign locales. It is a parallel cinema which deals with facts that can be considered as burning issues in recent times. The characters Aditya and Malobika have been married for ten years now. The once happily married couple now has no love left in their marriage. This is causing a mental strife between the two of them. The wife performs the daily duties and the husband goes about doing his official duties. They are childless and hence there is no source of getting back the love in their relationship again. The situation worsens and they head towards divorce. Do they finally get separated or is it a new beginning for them? One will have to wait for the film to complete to know that” said Jhuma Paul.MonojitKar highlighted on the reasons to cast Nigel and Rimjhim. “We wanted to break the commercial actress image of Rimjhim. As for Nigel, we wanted to break his Muktodhara image. Hence we thought of experimenting with their looks” said MonojitKar.

new bangla movie malobikar kotha

The sequence which was shot in Select House revolved around Malobika and Aditya. Malobika had come to her friend’s house, Komolika and she and her husband are counseled by the marriage counselor. This is the sequence which was been shot. In a red full sleeved t-shirt, Nigel looked dashing. The actor who is riding high with the recent success of the film AnyoNaa looked very excited on having bagged such a role. “I am excited to get such a role. The fact that I have been portrayed as a corporate guy is like a huge makeover for me. I hope to do justice to the belief that the director duo showed in me” said the actor.

new bangla movie malobikar kotha

Rimjhim in her black sari and open tresses looked beautiful. The actress who plays the role of Malobika said “This is an intense character and I hope to do my best to justify it. This is my first film with Nigel and I hope that we will have a great time shooting this film”.

The film has five songs. There is one Rabindrasangeet in this film which is used as a montage. The other four songs are Classical based songs. Rupankar, Somlata will be lending their voices to the songs in the film. Kazi, Loy and Deep are the music directors of this film. The shooting of the film will be done in various parts of the city.

Apart from Nigel and Rimjhim, Rajesh, Komolika Banerjee, Sunny Banerjee and Pratyusha Paul play some significant characters in this film.

The release date of the film has still not been decided.