Tollywood Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee unveils Ritutarpan - A musical tribute to Rituparno Ghosh

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, November 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): With the help of music, many unsaid feelings can be expressed very easily by a person. This is the power of music. The city of Kolkata saw the same spirit honored in the fond memory of the legendary film maker Rituparno Ghosh. Ritutarpan, a musical tribute to the late director was unveiled in the presence of Prasenjit Chatterjee, Surojeet, Tanmoy Bose, Girija Devi, Srijato, Prasant A Samaddar and Chandrima. The album has been presented by Universal Music.

Prasant, who is known for his acumen in versatile singing, has garnered much public acceptance and following. He has lent his voice in films like Taal, Fiza Gadar and many more. “I am so excited to have so many dignitaries on stage for the launch of this album. Rituparno was like a father figure to me and this is my humble effort to pay tribute to the master. This is indeed very special for me. The lyrics in this album are by Srijato and the recitation is by Chandrima. The lyrics are marvelous with great combination of sounds and words. I am thankful to those who have helped me in my endeavor” said Prashant.

Girija Devi, who is known as Queen of Thumri, was very supportive of the efforts of Prasant. She said “Classical music is like the roots. The other forms which have been developing in the country are like the roots. They keep on spreading based on the roots. Prasant who had trained under Gurus like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi has a good classical background. This will help him immensely in the innovative type of music that he is experimenting with”.

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National award winning film maker Rituparno Ghosh steered revolution in the Bengali film industry though his avant garde films. A powerful celluloid narrator, he played a pivotal role in taking the cinema goers in Bengal back to the multiplexes. “The concert is actually a celebration of the legendary personality and his legacy which will live on. The album is a culmination of hard work and I am indeed honored to collaborate with such a talented musician like Prasant” said Amitava Samanta, Director of India Green Reality Pvt Ltd.

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Actor Prasenjit Chatterjee who had the privilege of working in a number of films with the late director was emotional when asked to speak about the director. “I become emotional when I try to speak about Rituparno. For me, he is alive and I get the feeling that he will call me back after a few days. It is like he is away on a trip and he will come back to plan a new film with me. This is an amazing tribute for Rituparno. I have come here only to keep the memory of Rituparno alive in our minds and heart and not to attend a program for him” said the director.

The evening also featured a melodious medley of songs by Prasant and a recitation (Okal Srabon) by Srijato.