Prasenjit Chatterjee unveils the Oh!Calcutta cookbook

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

tollywood hero prosenjit chatterjee

Kolkata, November 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): “I am a foodie and I love to have good food. My profession often becomes a barrier between me and good food” said actor PrasenjitChatterjee at the “Oh! Calcutta cook book” launch at “Oh!Calcutta” restaurant. The ninety one exquisite recipes which form a part of the book is a treat for any food lover. AnjanChatterjee, restaurateur and author of the book was present at the occasion with his wife Suchanda Chatterjee for the unveiling of this cook book.

The author was visibly excited at the launch of his cook book. “This is a dream come true for me. I have never dreamt in my wildest dreams that my menus which I have cooked at home or at the restaurant will come out in the form of a book. This is a pleasure for me. I have been serving to Indian diners for a long period now and I have understood one thing. There is a small bit of the city in everyone” said the author AnjanChatterjee.

There is a little bit of many races and cultures intermingled within the story of Calcutta’s cuisine. Syrian traders, officers of the East India Company, exiled Nawabs and French Missionaries made this city their home at various periods of the history. They brought in the rich legacies of their distinctive cuisines with them making the city a unique melting pot of cultures and making it’s cuisine a complex and nuanced one.

The USP of this cookbook as highlighted by the author is the colorful guide and notes on the basics of cooking, ingredients, techniques and the various facts about Bengali cooking. It also has photographs of coffee table book reproduction quality. The creative touch of Suchanda Chatterjee has led the book to be transformed from a normal cookbook to a collector’s item. The book will keep the readers engaged with the many delicious recipes and also with the valuable inputs given in the book.

tollywood hero prosenjit chatterjee

The cookbook has a great list of starters and main course menus to appease the appetite of the food lovers. The innovative starters mentioned in the book include Khushi which is the Bengali answer to the Japanese Sushi. Apart from the innovative starters, the book has also recipes of the traditional Bengali dishes which ae immensely popular among the people. Lanka Bhapamurgi, Mocharghonto, Daabchingri, Dhone bhapa mach are some of the traditional recipes mentioned in the cookbook. A section in the book has been dedicated to the Bhapa recipes with many little known recipes like Chhana Aamka sundi been mentioned.

Priced at Rs. 599, the cookbook is a treasure trove of information on many known and unknown recipes of Bengal. A must buy book for the food lovers, for sure.