Aakash Aath remakes mega serial Janani; Actress Anuradha Roy to play lead role

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


janani mega serial launched

Kolkata, November 26 (Washington Bangla Radio): Janani, the Bengali mega serial which was a huge hit and a magnet audience drawer in the late nineties is back again. The new serial will begin to be aired from the month of November itself on AakashAath. A press meet was held recently to formally announce the stat of this new Bengali mega serial.

Janani which received great support from the audience due to the superb acting by actress Supriya Debi was an epoch making serial in the nineties. The same serial is been remade by the relaunched entertainment channel, AakashAath. Actress Anuradha Roy steps into the shoes of Janani this time. “Janani is actually an iconic character and to be selected to play this role is a great opportunity for me as an actress. The treatment that was done in the earlier Janani (in which Supriya Debi played the lead character) is different from the treatment that the director has been doing in the new one. We all are working hard to make this an even more successful serial” said the actress.

Mr. Ashok Sharma, who is the proprietor of Channel Eight and also the producer of the serial, was also present at the occasion. He said “Janani was the first ever mega serial made by us. The popularity of the serial is still intact even after so many years. Many people have fond remembrances of the serial. We even had requests to rerun the serial for many people. This gave us an idea to actually start the serial in a new manner. Society has changed and hence the serial must also be made keeping in mind the changes in the society. Hence the new serial will have new approaches and deal with the contemporary mindset of the audience. However the sentiments and the sensibilities which made the earlier serial a blockbuster hit have been retained in this one also”.

AakashAath mega serial

Music in this serial is of prime importance. The music has been composed by veteran music director Debjit Roy. Debjani have lent her voice for the title track of the serial.

The director of the serial Sushanta Bose felt it to be a challenging job to be remaking such a popular serial. “Most of the characters are still fresh in the minds of the people. However I have a talented team of artists and I hope to win over the hearts of the audience” said the director.

The promotion of this new serial will be done with the help of extensive advertising campaign and other innovative marketing strategies.

The serial will be aired from Monday to Saturday at 8PM on AakashAath.