Exclusive first look and trailer launch of film Chander Pahar held on Children’s Day

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


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Kolkata, November 26 (Washington Bangla Radio): The children who gathered at Nicco Park in Kolkata broke out into cheers as Tollywood hunk  Dev made his entry on the stage at Nicco Park with Director Kamaleswar Mukherjee and producer Srikant Mohta. The entry of the star was indeed a treat for the children on Children’s Day who went crazy shouting the actor’s name. The exclusive first look and the trailor launch of the film was the reason for the appearance of the team of Chander Pahar.

“The date 14th November for the exclusive trailer launch came to my mind because of the fact that the book Chander Pahar written by Bibhutibhuson Bandopadhyay is a book for the young readers. Hence I thought of revealing this look and launching the trailor on Children’s Day. There could not be a better day for the launch of the trailor” said director Kamaleswar Mukherjee.

Dev plays the role of Shankar Roy in the film. The actor after revealing the trailor and the first look matched steps with some of his small fans. “You can also wish me Children’s day as I am also a child at heart” said the actor to the audience. Commenting on his experience during the shooting of the film, Dev said “It is one of the most difficult films that I have shot till date. The role was difficult because I had to things which I am afraid of. For example I have a fear of heights. But I have not paid any heed to it and done all the mountain climbing shots myself. My director used to be often angry with me. But the thrill of the shooting kept me going. However one thing I am sure of and that is I am not fit for mountain climbing activities”. The actor was also full of praises for the producer Srikant Mohta. “Many directors wanted to make this film earlier. But they simply could not make it due to lack of budget. This is the reason why I want to thank Srikant Da for financing this film. The film is made on a whooping fifteen crore budget. The cost is a big factor for the making of this film. There is a lion in the film which  was acquired for six lakh rupees per day. Hence without a good budget, making Chander Pahar was impossible” said the actor.

chander pahar trailer

Dev who is mainly known for his commercial roles will be seen in a de-glam look in this film. When asked on the type of movies the actor will be seen doing in the future, he smiled broadly and said “I am open to do any kind of movies that the directors will be asking me to do. I have done Chander Pahar and I am also doing Buno Haansh , amother never seen before kind of film.”

chander pahar trailer

Chander Pahar will be releasing in the month of December.