Ashbo Arekdin: New Bangla Movie Review, Poster; A touching tale of relationships

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Kolkata, November 21 (Washington Bangla Radio): The recently released Ashbo Arekdin is a touching tale of relations and how individual members of the family react to different crises.

Directed by Abhijit Dasgupta ‘Ashbo Arek Din’deals with a joint family which comprises of Sujata (Aloka Nanda Roy), his son Sunil (Arindam Sil), daughter-in-law Chandana(Roopa Ganguly), daughter Meera (Swastika Mukherjee) and Anwar (Gaurav Chakrabarty), a muslim boy whom Sunil and Chandana had adopted but allowed to continue his own religion and birth identity.

We find some more protagonists in the story as some of the younger characters find their soulmates. Meera indulges too much in theatre and there she meets Karan (Abir Chatterjee). Karan is a smart and handsome guy from a Punjabi family which has been living in Bengal for decades. Meera and Karan fall for each other and get married happily. Anwar too finds love in Kuhu (Ridhima), one of her classmates.

But everyone has a crisis, everyone has something or other to be bothered for and everyone has different emotions to deal with. The ultimate crisis strikes when one of the characters needs to go for organ transplantation. No one steps forward as a donor. The rest of the film showcases the different gloomy shades of life and the survival strategies individuals has to resort to.

poster riddhima ghosh

There is really no punch in this relationship story but is sure to touch the heart of the audience. Gaurav Chakrabarty is the actor to watch out in this movie. Its just amazing to see how minutely he portrays all the emotions of Anwar, the adopted guy in search of his roots. The undercurrent of sorrow, pain and insecurity is so very natural in Anwar and yet there is not so much outburst. Gaurav may consider this mature role as his personal milestone. The young turk is surely going to be the next big thing in the industry. Ridhima looks pretty as ever as Kuhu and compliments Gaurav well.

Abir and Swastika has a great on-screen chemistry which brings out some of the better love laced moments of the film. Arindam Sil and Roopa Ganguly play their part well. Roopa Ganguly as the caring mother and benevolent sister-in-law can be the role model for any homemaker.

The director has handled the film well but the editing also deserved a mention. Such a story had the risk of being perceived as dragging but a tight editing has saved the film from earning that tag.

Amidst the frequent releases of masala films and scrappy overused romantic plots, this film deserves a consideration. It is one of the few films of the season that is going to stay with the audience for a long period.