Chirodini Tumi J amar 2: Movie Preview; SreeVenkatesh films all geared up for the sequel

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Chirodini Tumi J amar 2 wallpaper

Kolkata, November 20 (Washington Bangla Radio): After the grand success of the film ‘ChirodiniTumi J amar’ which took the audience by an emotional upsurge, SreeVenkatesh film is gearing up for its sequel, ‘Chirodini Tumi J amar 2’.

The film is being directed by Soumik Chattopadhaya, who is known for his films like ‘Phaade Poria Boogakande re’. ChirodiniTumi J amar 2’ is also an emotional journey of lovers but has a completely different plot. The film has a host of new generation actors as the cast includes Bihoo Mukherjee (Son of notable actor Kharaj Mukherjee), Rihhi Sen (Son of versatile actor Kaushik Sen), Arjun Chakrabarty, Ena and Urmila Mahanta.

The film opens in a hospital where a girl is fighting for life and a boy Bhanu (ArjunChakraborty) is brought to the police station for enquiry. Inspector (Kharaj Mukherjee) listens attentively to Bhanu’s story of how he reaches Kolkata and joins as a helper to a guy who runs a roadside eatery joint. He is smitten by Jyothi (Urmila Mahanta) who is a domestic help in nearby upmarket apartment. His one-side love develops but Jyothi is unaware of it.

Raj (Bihu Mukherjee) is a spoilt brat, son a rich and affluent lady who is after Sreya (Ena), who lives in the same apartment complex. He slowly work his way through, gets close to her and build up her confidence in him. He takes her to a resort and captures a video on his phone. But Sreya finds his true colour and intentions and erases the video which irks Raj. He wants to take revenge on her but Jyothi becomes the scapegoat and Bhanu is framed! Then the story takes a new turn and exposes many corruptions that exist in the society.

Chirodini Tumi J amar 2 wallpaper

The music of the film is being composed by none other than the ace music director Jeet Ganguly. Anidnya Bose has drafted the screenplay as well as the dialogues. Madhushudhan Shee is the director of Photography for the film while the seasoned editor Ravi Ranjan Maitra will be taking charge of the editing table.

With a host of fresh faces and a touching tale to which the mass can easily relate themselves, this film too has the potentiality to re-create what its sequel had done. Just as ‘ChirodiniTumi J amar’ had provided a great launch pad for Rahul Priyanka and director Raj Chakrabarty, ‘Chirodini Tumi J amar 2’ can be expected to do the same with the bunch of youngstars in the film. Let’s wait and watch.