The Elastic Affair- an Interactive session on Hitchcock’s style and Ringo’s New Kolkata Bangla Movie Sada Kaalo Aabcha

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

new kolkata bangla movie sada kalo abcha

Kolkata, November 19 (Washington Bangla Radio):  “I have always been attracted by Hitchcock’s use of stylish and thematic consistencies, recurring themes, symbolism and the personal aesthetic vision. What marks the director is not just his vision of the universe but the way in which he produced his exemplar through various filming techniques n the big screen. I have tied to emulate the great director who has taught me through his movies” said director Ringo. The director was present at Croosword bookstore with actress Sayani Datta, Barun Chanda and Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee. The interactive session was called an “Elastic Affair” and the session highlighted on the art of making films by Alfred Hitchcock.

Sada Kaalo Aabcha, the upcoming suspense thriller by Ringo is his own humble way of paying tribute to the master film maker. The film is about a Delhi based writer who comes to Kolkalham with his wife, a super model for a holiday trip. He meets with an accident and his past memories are a blur. He wakes up in a hospital three days late to an inspector who is questioning his identity. The only thing that he can remember is the hotel that they checked in, his wife Sayani and his own name Samrat Ray. This is the basic matter of the story. “To create this suspense element in my story, I have moved into the sylvan settings of North Bengal where light and shade play amid the somber lines of conifers and eucalyptus. The setting is the winding serpentine roads curling along a green mountain. The quiet of the somber mountains is broken by an occasional call of a bird” added the director.

The interactive session which was named “Elastic Affair” is the name of one of the films of Hitchcock. “I have not grown up watching his films. It was Ringo who introduced me to his films. The first film I saw was Psycho and I had to see it thrice before I could understand anything” said actress Sayani Datta. The actress who will be seen in a few different looks hoped that her effort will be well appreciated by the audience.

tollywood actress Sayani

Barun Chanda who was also present at the occasion spoke highly about the film. “Having watched the film, I will surely recommend it to everyone. It is a great suspense thriller. This will keep you engrossed easily and missing out one single scene will make it difficult for the people to grasp the meaning of the other scenes. It is a great film and will be a welcome break for those audiences who want to watch something different. Moreover the time span of one hour and fifty minutes is also beneficial for the audience. This will keep the audience hooked on to the film” said Barun Chanda.

tollywood actress Sayani

The film is slated for release on the 22nd of November.