Cricket Thriller “The Big Fix” released by ManojTiwary, Mir, KishoreBhimani and BoiaMajumdar

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

cricket book launch

Despite hockey being the national game of India, cricket dominates the minds and the hearts of the people in the country. However for the past couple of years this gentleman’s game have been in dark phase. The game has been bothered highly by the bookies, fixers, corrupt cricketers and administrators. Vikas Singh’s new novel The Big Fix is about the game of cricket. Present at the book release ceremony was eminent personalities like Kishore Bhimani (Sports journalist), ManojTiwary (Bengal Cricket Captain and IPL squad member of Kolkata Knight Riders), Deep Dasgupta (Fomer cricketer), Mir (television anchor) and BoriaMajumdar (Cricket analyst, commentator and writer) along with the writer Vikas Singh.

The book “The Big Fix” is based around a popular T20 league. The story unfolds with the mysterious death of a respected coach. The investigation leads from one thing to another and this makes the book a thrilling pursuit of the truth. “I have termed the book cricket thriller because the book has the elements of a thriller and descriptions of exciting cricket matches. Many writers have written books on cricket but none have combined in them the thrill element, which is an integral part of the game. Hence I thought of writing a book which will have both the elements. This will make for an interesting read for the cricket loving fans and also for the fiction lovers” said Vikas Singh.

The Big Fix is the debut novel of the author. The author had earlier co-authored the book “The Know of Things” with Derek O’Brien, Jug Suraiya and Bunny Suraiya. The author who holds a degree in History and a post graduate diploma in Marketing Management is a journalist by profession. The author who is a self confessed book worm not only reads book but also an old newspaper or the label of a bottle.

Cricket Thriller

Mir, who was present at the book release ceremony kept the audience hooked with his jokes and his sense of wit. The anchor also read the second chapter of the book on request from the writer, Vikas Singh.

ManojTiwary, the Bengal captain was visibly very happy on a book being released on the game of cricket. “It feels great to see that someone has written a book on cricket which is so popular among the people. I am proud that I came to this book launch ceremony” said the cricketer. Kishore Bhimani described the book as a good page turner which will keep the readers hooked.


The author Vikas Singh also plans to write more books on sports thriller. But the writer is waiting to see the response that his first book will gather from the audience. He has already witten the next book which is a thriller set in the media world in India. One character, Mitakshara who is present in The Big Fix will continue in the new book.