Prasenjit Chatterjee graces the launching ceremony of Shoma A. Chatterji’s book Reading Rituparno

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

reading rituparno

Kolkata, November 19 (Washington Bangla Radio): Rituparno Ghosh’s cinema is defined by his signature style which makes him one of the most outstanding contemporary filmmakers in India. He left behind a wonderful bouquet of films that will remain archived in the film archives across the world. A book on Rituparno Ghosh titled “Reading Rituparno” was recently launched by eminent film journalist Shoma A. Chatterji, Prasenjit Chatterjee, Bratya Basu and Arindam Sil.

The book Reading Rituparno has been written by Shoma A. Chatterji. She is a freelance journalist, film scholar and author based in Kolkata. She contributes to around a dozen print media and net publications. She has won two National Awards for Best Writing on Cinema- for Best Critic in 1991 and for Best Book on cinema in 2002. She also won the Bengal Film Journalists Association’s Best Critic Award in 1998 and the Bharat Nirman Award for excellence in Journalism in 2004. She has authored about seventeen books on cinema and has been jury at several film festivals in India and abroad. She has recently been nominated as the President of the newly formed West Bengal Film Journalists Association.

“Reading Rituparno is not a celebratory book and neither is this a biography. The book is an attempt to explore, analyze and interpret his journey through film making and map his evolution in creating and redefining structures in cinema without breaking the narrative at any point. The matter for my book has been gathered from around twenty one to one interviews with the film maker over the past two decades. I have watched his films again and again, trying to read and re-read them over time. The book is a modest endeavor to place in perspective, the imaginative and anesthetic skills of the director” said Shoma A. Chatterji at the book launch ceremony at Grand Hotel.

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Prasenjit Chatterjee who had worked in a couple of films with the director became emotional when asked to speak about the director. “Rituparno is like my family. The amount of responsibility I have for any family member is the same I have for Rituparno. Hence I am part of this book launch initiative. But I won’t be able to speak much about the man who left us” said the actor.

Shoma A. Chatterji thought of writing this book immediately after the death of the director. She understood that the director will not be making any films in future. It will be better to write on the works of the director than simply speak about the person. “I got about a month’s time from Sparrow Publications for the writing of the book. I have divided the book into parts, which will enable the reader to understand the different genres of film that the director made. During the last few years I was not so close with the director. I think this helped me to write the book impartially” said the author.

Reading Rituparno will be a great guide book for those people who have interest in the film making style of the late director.