Interview: Ace Designer Gavin Miguel on his ‘Warriors of Heaven and Earth’ collection for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Kolkata

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Kolkata, November 19 (Washington Bangla Radio): Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, one of the biggest fashion tours in India arrived in Kolkata with a bang. The two day fashion extravaganza had four set of designers. Gavin Miguel was one of the designers who showcased his collections on the first day of the tour.

Gavin Miguel talked exclusively to WBRi on the day of the show.

WBRi: What is going to be your theme for Kolkata leg of Blenders pride fashion show?

 Miguel:  My theme is going to be ‘Warriors of Heaven and Earth’. I will be portraying the different powerful designs inspired from the female warrior costumes of different places and ages.

WBRi: Who is going to be your Showstopper tonight?

Miguel: I don’t have a so called showstopper for my show tonight. My show will be choreographed in a different way and will not need a showstopper.

WBRi: There must be a lot of heavy accessories for tonight’s show as your theme is ‘Warriors of heaven and earth’.

Miguel: I am afraid it’s going to be the reverse. There will be no accessories. I will keep the accessory part to the choice of those who are going to buy the outfits. I am looking forward to keep them open to themselves about what to wear with respective outfits.

WBRi: Please share something about your project 7 chakras?

Miguel: My sister Renuka initiated the company 7 chakras which sources one-off clothes and exclusive accessories around the globe. I am quite happy how it is going. I have some expert stylists in the company and they are the one who can be credited for the rising popularity of 7 chakras.

WBRi: Tell us about your experiences of styling KanganaRanawat in Krrish 3.

Miguel: Kangana is a very good friend of mine and it is always a pleasure to style her. Styling her particularly in Krrish 3 was a huge challenge. She plays the role of ‘Chameleon’ who metamorphoses into any disguise. Her basic look in the film demanded tight stockings which we had to cast out on the sets. If any portion on those developed a defect we had to take it out and recreate the stockings. Moreover the stocking are super tight to wear and needed to be laced with a complex solution of oils before she could wear them.

WBRi: How would you rate Kolkata in the map of fashion?

Miguel: Kolkattans has always shown a choice for good design. Many would say that Kolkata is on the conservative side but Bengalis are one of the most fashion conscious communities. I have a lot of clients from this part of the country.  Interestingly most of my crews are from Bengal. I must also say that the designer I admire most is also from this city. He is none other than Sabyasachi Mukherjee who put India on Global fashion map.

WBRi: India is a country where there is a huge diversity and the choices of every corner are different from other. How challenging it is as a designer?

Miguel: It is true that choice of Indians vary a lot as there is a great diversity in culture, social acceptance and tradition. But as a designer I do not think much about that and stick to what comes from my inside. Thinking on the perspective of the diverse choice will only make a designer more confuse and will take away the focus.