First look and Trailer launch of Kaushik Ganguly’s new Bangla Movie ApurPachali

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

apur panchali

Kolkata, November 17 (Washington Bangla Radio): Child artists who were once very popular are often not remembered by the people. The public memory is short lived and unless the child artist makes a big impact with his acting in future, it is hardly possible that they will be retained in the public memory. The same is the case with Subir Banerjee who made an impact as a child artist in the Satyajit Ray directed film “PatherPachali” as Apu. But he is not remembered much by the people in Bengal. This is the backdrop which prompted KaushikGanguly to make his next film ApurPachali (The song of Apu). The first look and trailer launch of this film took place recently at Nandan in the presence of Kaushik Ganguly, Parno Mitra, Gaurav Chakraborty, Shirsha Ray, Indraadip Dasgupta and Ardhendu Banerjee.

“The film is not a biography. I have just taken parts from the life of Subir Banerjee for the film. Some happy moments, his struggles have been portrayed in this film. The fact that we as cinema lovers still remember him is what I want to convey through this film” said director KaushikGanguly.

Printed three sleeved pink blouse and the contrast light green sari made Parno Mitra look picture perfect. The actress who missed out the screening of the film Sunglass however plans to watch it at a later show. “I play the role of Asima in the film. I have played only city based characters till now and I was not even sure whether I will be able to pull this off. However the director believed in me and asked me to go on with the acting. It is based on his belief that I have done the acting. This is my second film with Parambrata (She had worked with Parambrata in EklaAkash) and he is wonderful as a co-actor. He has helped me a lot to come up with a better performance in many shots.” said the pretty actress with a smile.

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Ardhendu Banerjee who plays the role of the mature Subir Banerjee in the film found this role to be one of the most challenging roles that he has ever done in his acting career. “This role is challenging simply because of the fact that the person whom I am enacting in this film is alive. The other characters that I have done so far were either fictional or we had a fixed set of ideas about the mannerisms of the person. The director asked me to meet Subir Banerjee. But since this is not a biography I decided to take the risk and act according to how he would have reacted in similar situations. I hope I have been able to do justice to the role and also to the belief that the director has in my acting potentials” said Ardhendu Banerjee.

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Music by Indraadip Dasgupta helps to carry the narrative forward. There are no songs in the film and only a background score will be found in the film.

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GaurabChakraboty plays the role of Arka, a SRFTI student in the film. Parambrata plays the role of the younger Subir Banerjee in the film.

The film is expected to release either in the month of January or on Bengali New Year’s day(14th April).