Bengali Audio SongsRohoshyo and Tumi j Jogot Kandari launched; Music Lovers will be spoilt for choices

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, November 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): Two different music albums were launched recently to celebrate the spirit of the festive season. Rohoshyo by Suman and “Tumi j Jogot Kandari” by Kumar Sanu, Indrani Sen and others were released. Rohoshyo was released by the music company Aatman Audio while Tumi J Jogot Kandari was released by Maya Audio.

Rohshyo by Suman is a music album which deals with the human psychology. The songs in this music album deal with the different aspects of the human psychology. Sidhartha Ray (Cactus), Reshmi Chatterjee and Somnath Ghoshal was present at the music album release. “The seven songs in the album portray the myriad emotions of the human beings. Tumi kothay, bidaay, shasti, baburam, flashback, rohoshyo and rohoshyo mash-up are the seven songs which portray the variety of emotions of the human mind. I am very excited as this is my first solo album. The songs in this album are direct and a way of lashing out at the hypocrisies of the human nature” said Suman.

Sidhartha Ray of Cactus band highlighted on the fact investment is one of the biggest problems behind the lack of popularity of the non-film music album. The film music albums have a higher investment and hence they score more than the non-film music albums. However the singer also shed light on the scenario that in the nineties the film music did not have much popularity and the non-film music albums were a rage. The same scenario can be achieved now with the help of the co-operation between the artists, the music companies and the listeners.

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The other album “Tumi j Jogot kandari” is a compilation of eight Shyama Sangeet songs. Eminent singers like Kumar Sanu, Anwesha, Indrani Sen, Pratyusa Sainik, Shampa Kundu have lent their voices to the various songs in the album. The music release ceremony which took place at Press Club was attended by Kumar Sanu, actress Parijaat, Debasish Chowdhury and Tapan Shastri. Speaking on the occasion, Kumar Sanu said “I like singing Shyama Sangeet. When I was asked to sing a song in this album, I was very happy. I was even happy to be a part of this project as the proceeds from the sale of this CD will go for helping needy people for their medical treatments. This is a noble initiative and hence I am glad I became a part of this project”.

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The listeners are spoilt for choices. They can either opt for the album dealing with the human psychology or can opt for the Shyama Sangeet album. Whatever may be your choice, you will be getting to listen to some fine music.