Director Raj Chakraborty and Tollywood actress Mimi at the special episode of Bangla Television serial Mouchak

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

bangla serial mouchak

KOlkata, November 15 (Washington Bangla Radio): A party is going on. Titli and Gunjan meet each other and the uneasiness in Titli shows in her facial reaction. Suddenly Raj Chakraborty and Sohom make their entry in the party. This is the special episode shoot of the popular serial Mouchak which is aired on Star Jalsha. The special episode was shot at a bungalow in Ballygunje Park.

The serial which is under the banner of Bandana Films is a family show. This show has a lighter note to it. The story highlights on the good values in life like honesty, values and so on. The story begins with the premise when Gunjan was to marry Titli. However some problem crops up and Titli ends up marrying Agni. The liking that Gunjan had for Titli however does not end there. It persists and when he comes back, he tries hard to get back Titli from Agni. The episode which was shot in the bungalow is a special episode celebrating the marriage anniversary of Gunjan’s aunt. Titli and Agni also come to this party. The celebrities are the eye candy of this anniversary party. The celebrities who came for this special episode include director Raj Chakraborty, actor Sohom, Actress Mimi and singer Anupam Roy.

Looking handsome in blue jeans and white coat, the Pralay director was busy memorizing his lines when WBRI correspondent caught up with him. “I have never been more nervous in my life. Facing the camera is indeed very tough. However I am having a great time in the shoot. I came for this shoot due to Shivaji Panja and I intended to have fun. And yes I am having a great time” said the director. a new film featuring two new actors is slated to release the coming year. The director also said that Pralay Asche will be even bigger and better than the predecessor.

tollywood hero Sohom

Singer Anupam Roy who is making his debut on the television was found singing one of his compositions at the party. The singer who looked visibly tensed asked whether the shot was correct many times to the director. “It is a great experience and I am having a good time at the shoot” said the singer. Busy with the singing assignments of six films, the singer is neck deep in work. Some of the films that he is working on include Mainak Bhaumick’s Family Album, Highway and Window Connection. The other three films that he is working on are still unnamed.

tollywood singer anupam roy

“It feels great to be a part of a television serial for the sake of acting and not for the promotion of any film. I am here on Sivaji’s request and we all ae having great fun” said Sohom. The actor who has completed shooting for a film by Ravi Kinnagi will be busy with the shooting of Omanush 2 from December.

This anniversary special episode of Mouchak will be aired on the 16th and 18th of November.