Annual event of Kinnarkunj and photo album launch on Manna Dey further add on to Kolkata’s cultural wealth

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

manna dey photographs

Kolkata, November 15 (Washington Bangla Radio): Two separate events with a wonderful new commitment towards preserving the culture of Bengal took place in the city. The first is the dance based drama “Shristi Stithi Pralay” by dance group Mudra and the other is the annual event of Kinnarkunj. The dance drama was for the flood victims of Uttarakhand while the second was the yearly event of Kinnarkunj.

Srishti, Stithi Proloy is about the devastations that take place when man exploits nature too much. This shows how nature takes the revenge on man. The dance drama was divided into five main parts. The creation of the world, the life of humans as nomads, man becoming stable in their life, advent of industrialization and finally the destruction of nature at the hands of man. Rudranil Chowdhury, the man behind the event is the head of Celebration. Celebration is actually a company which offers a platform to rising and budding talents. This is the reason why this dance group was given the chance to perform this in front of so many people.

Present at this event was photographer Dipanjan Ghosh who unveiled his photograph album on the late singer Manna Dey “Manna Dey 94”. The album contains rare pictures of the singer which was captured by the photographer. A minute’s silence was also observed on his behalf. The album was released by actress Locket Chatterjee who was present at the event to promote her new film “E KI Lavonye”. Locket who is a trained dancer said “I am happy to attend this program. I love dancing and I am speechless after watching the dance drama. My film E KI Lavonye is also about artists. I play the role of a dancer Lavonyo and hence I am here to promote the film”. The film also has Debshankar Haldar and Shaheb Chatterjee in the other lead roles.

tollywood actress locket chatterjee

Kinnarkunj’s annual program saw a big turnout of people. Eminent personalities who graced the event include actor Nigel Akkara, Maitreyee Ghosh Dastidar, Bijoylakshmi Barman, Kakoli Ghoshal, Tamali Ghosh and Krishnopodo Das. Nigel took part in the recitation program of this event. This is the first time that the actor took part in such an activity. His baritone voice added a different level of charisma to the recitation. The actor was part of the group which recited from a collage of Tagore’s poems named Khoka.

nigel akkara

Music director Chandan Dodo Ray was also present at the event. He enthralled the audience with his wonderful rendition of some of his own compositions. He also sang the song Farewell in a Bengali version. Apart from these recitations, a tribute to eminent film maker Satyajit Ray also made a prominent part of this event.