Kolkata Press Club witnessed the launch of three unique Bengali Audio Songs Albums; Musicians undeterred with the threat of pira

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


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Kolkata, November 5 (Washington Bangla Radio): The music industry in Bengal may be facing trouble from the issues like piracy or the closing down of reputed shops like the Music World. But that has not stopped artists and the music companies from coming up with new ideas. Recently at the Press Club, three albums were launched-Biswaloker by Onyo Kshetra, Noborupe Agomoni by Aiswarja and “The Art of Durga Festival” by Atanu Paul and Third Eye. The three albums are unique in content and different in their presentation.

Biswaloker is not a traditional Rabindrasangeet album. Rather this is an album on songs of Tagore. The songs of Tagore have been interpreted with the appeal of the ever transcending flavor of music. The nine songs in the album are on six different seasons. The songs have been given contemporary interpretations and thinking. Bengali folk with Dhak, African folk drum with Indian classical, rap interrupted by monotone, Chinese style of singing are all found in this album. The album is a confluence of the world music. Onyo Kshetra is the musical entity of Kshetra Madhab Das who is an eminent doctor by profession. His first concert was held at Gyan manch in 1994 where he performed side by side with Anjan Dutta and Chandrabindoo. But due to professional pressures he had to leave singing. It is after eighteen years that he is making his comeback in the world of music and hence the name. Upal Sengupta and Anindya Chattopadyay, his friends who was also present at the music launch were full of praises for him. “We find it hard to balance our musical career and Kshetra have been still retaining his love for music even after continuing with his profession as a doctor” said Anindya. Apart from Kshetra Madhab Das, the other singers in the album are Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chattopadhyay, Prashmita Paul, Satadal Chatterjee, Sudakshina Dhar, Soma Dhar and Udichi Usha Das.

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“It is a wrong idea that most listeners have that there is no Agamoni songs sung by artists before the Durga Pujas in recent times. The basic problem is people who want to listen to such songs find them and listen to them. Those who complain that there are no such songs for them to listen to are usually the ones who do not even take the trouble of looking for those songs” said Srikanto Acharya. The singer was present at the launch of the music album “Noborupe agamoni” by Aishwarya. The album consists of eight songs which have been written by Pandit Sree Kumar Chatterjee and Somnath Ghoshal. The music has been given by Rishi Kumar Chatterjee.

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The other album which was launched carried forward the flavor of the festive season. The album is a video collection of over two hundred photographs by eminent photographer Atanu Paul and the Third Eye Team. The video collection has pictures from the time when the autumn season starts with clear sunny skies to the making of the idols to the beginning of the Durga Puja and finally to the end of the five day festivity. The video collection is a visual treat for the audience. The music in this album has been done by Rishi Kumar Chatterjee. Speaking on the occasion, Atanu Paul also hinted at the fact that a second volume of the album will be brought out in future.

The three albums are unique in content and will be a great treat for the music lovers this festive season.