New Light NGO observes Nirbhaya Diwas launching a Nirbhaya video and petition to mark zero tolerance for rape in the country

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, November 5 (Washington Bangla Radio): The barbaric rape of the twenty three year old young professional Jyoti Singh in Delhi and her tragic death in a hospital in Singapore has shaken the collective consciousness of the nation. This has led to the demand for stringent laws and measures which will lead to the protection of the women and also lessen the atrocities committed against them in various parts of the country. Despite the public outpouring, little appears to have been done in this aspect as we continue to hear of such incidents in the past eleven months. It is against this backdrop that New Light, an NGO have taken up the initiative to launch a Nirbhaya video and petition.

The Nirbhaya video has been conceptualized and edited by Sharmistha and Rajdeep Paul. This concept has been proposed by Urmi Basu of New Light NGO. The background score of this video has been done by Nabarun (who is also a part of Anupam Roy’s band). The song which has been used in the video is “Ganga tumi” which was sung by Bhupen Hazarika. The video has been shot in various parts of the city. “Places like Park Hotel and the Hastings House have been used in this video. This is the first time when Hastings House has been used in any video. I am lucky that one of my friend is a principal at one of the colleges and it is with her help that I got the permission to shoot free of cost” said Urmi Basu. The main objective of this video is to shape 16th December as Nibhaya Diwas. This will be a day to mark zero tolerance for rape in the country. It would be a day when equality will be observed genuinely. It will also lead to fostering of mutual respect for the genders. This five minute long video shows girls from different backgrounds. This is done so as to create the image of universal womanhood.

The video along with the petition will be presented to the President of India with a request to mark 16th December as Nibhaya Diwas. One can sign the petition by logging in the website of Nirbhaya Diwas or they can also show their support by tweeting on Twitter. 08030636426 is the toll free number which can also be dialed for submitting the vote for this cause. An individual will just have to ring once and the vote will be registered against his/her phone number.

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New Light has also proposed to set up a rehabilitation home for the victims of rape. The NGO have already collected one hundred and twenty thousand dollars for the cause. The home will be named after Jyoti Singh and will have the legal, medical and emergency rescue teams needed for the work.

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One can sign the petition from anywhere in the world. If you want to stop the atrocities committed against the women, then supporting the cause will be a good step that you can take towards this cause.