Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt inaugurates Saltlake BH Block “Aranyak” Durga Puja; Bhatt excited to be a part of the Puja festivities

Awrko Roy / WBRINN

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Kolkata, November 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): Mahesh Bhatt keeps visiting Kolkata for one reason or another. The last time the Iconic filmmaker did so he got soaked in the festive mood of the Tilotomma city. He inaugurated the Durga Puja of Saltlake BH Block “Aranyak”. The man known for his splendid work in Indian film industry graced the occasion and was looking extremely delightful. WBRi correspondent Awrko Roy engaged himself in a candid chat with Mahesh Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt was asked about his feelings for the Durga Puja, he looked excited and said “Durga Puja is the mother of all festivals in India and I think that this Puja should be accredited among the national resonance. This Puja is related to life and I say there can’t be anything creative other than life.”

The renowned filmmaker was also asked about the things he would love to cherish with this city of joy. “Well I would love myself to be the part of the cultural wealth that the Bengali has. This place is India’s major asset and the memories of the great Bengali legends like Satyajit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore and many more drags me here. I would love to celebrate the lives with them and would definitely seek inspiration from them.” he replied.

Followed by the aforesaid answer he was also asked whether the whole world will see Mahesh Bhatt making ‘Arth’ for one more time. He told us that Arth is his past and now he has left film direction. He will never indulge himself into that position. But ‘Arth’ is being done on stage by some eminent theatre groups from Delhi and he has given them the no objection certificate.

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The next question to Mahesh Bhatt was whether Vishesh film will introduce Alia Bhatt who claimed to fame after a super success of ‘Student of the Year’. The iconic filmmaker told us “No we don’t have plans like that. We make movies based on immediate needs. We don’t aim to make films because we have children. If we have a character which suits her then we will go for it.”

When asked to discourse some suggestions for the young upcoming filmmakers, he said “They don’t need any advice from me. They are strong enough to face any situations just like I used to be at my age. They are well equipped and their way of visualizing the canvas is different. I would say any advice from senior filmmakers will have no significant impact on them.”

Lastly when he was asked about what is keeping him busy at present he said, “Well I am very busy working with my production house. We are working with new directors and new technicians. I am pledged to see the new ways of story telling through them. I will keep doing films with new actors, music directors and many others. When I am alone I prefer to write my stuffs and will continue to do the same throughout my life.”