B.P. Singh, the man behind popular television show C.I.D wants Amitabh Bacchan to play a negative role in Big screen adaptation

By Awrko Roy / WBRINN


cid 100 episodes celebration

Kolkata, November 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): CID (Crime Investigation Department) is a television crime detective series which commenced in the year 1997. It is now considered as the longest running series in history of Indian television industry running over 16 years on small screen.

 A team of detectives belonging to the Crime Investigation Department in Mumbai forms the main characters of the series.The team consists of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Pradyuman,  Senior Inspectors Abhijeet, Daya, Rajat and Sachin, Inspector Fredricks, Inspector Purvi, Inspector Shreya and Sub-Inspectors Nikhil and Pankaj. They  are aided by Forensic Experts Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika. These characters have risked their lives multiple times to save the dignity of the CID team and to solve many complicated cases. This series is dubbed in Telegu and Tamil. The main mind behind this popular show is B.P. Singh.

A Bengali version of CID known as CID Kolkata Bureau has been adapted and is aired on Sony Aath channel which is a sister channel of Sony Entertainment. The Bengali show stars Sudip Mukherjee as new Senior A.C.P,  Kaushik Chakraborty as A.C.P Birsingha, Joy Bhattacharya as Ronojoy  along with Aatish Bhattacharya and many others. Recently the whole unit of CID Kolkata Bureau celebrated their milestone of reaching 100 episodes.

bangla cid 100 episodes

A spectacular party was organized at the Illusion lounge at metropolis mall to mark the milestone. The celebrated content architect B.P. Singh was present to grace the celebration.  While having an open conversation with Mr. B.P Singh, WBRi correspondent came to know a lot of upcoming plans and executions of CID series. When asked about the completion of 100 episodes in Bengali television industry he told us “It always feels good to be associated with CID. For last sixteen years we have worked with passion and dedication and I think that’s the striking point of the series. Our show is running very good in suburbs and rural areas of West Bengal and it gives a nice feeling. The whole team is working very hard and that is the reason behind the completion of 100 episodes.” He also told us that it’s the content that is the most important thing in CID.  According to him a lot of people from rural or less devolved places are now exposed to the process and techniques of investigation. “Few years back very less people knew about forensic investigation but through CID they have now understood the process behind the investigation. Moreover we always wanted the content to be good. In a crime related show the thrills and the mystery should be synchronized by minute detailing otherwise it becomes tough to keep the excitement of the audience intact.” Said B.P.Singh. When asked about any plans of taking CID to big screen he smiled and said “Yes there are such plans. For making it into big screen we need to work sharper as you know that films and television shows are different. Our team is working on the concept. I would be happy if I can rope in Amitabh Bachchan for the negative role. So we want to move slowly and cautiously regarding the film as we need to scrutinize with lot of minute detailing.”

bangla cid 100 episodes

A huge cake was cut to celebrate the reaching of 100th cake cutting ceremony; the whole team of CID was seen dancing to the beats of popular tracks just after the celebration cake was cut by the B.P Singh. Sanjukta, the top model who plays a major role in the series, made the event glamorous as she sizzled hot in a black dress.

While having a small chat with Kaushik Chakraborty who plays the role of ACP Birsingha, we came to know about his experience. He told us “I am extremely happy and today is really a proud moment for the whole CID team. I am ready to explore myself more into CID series. Now after the introduction Sudeep Mukherjee as the new ACP CID series is going to be more interesting.”