Rooh Music Company releases four soulful Bengali Audio Songs Albums; Heady mix of Instrumentals and Bengali Classics

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

spectrum music launch

Kolkata, November 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): Rooh Music Company has been very encouraging in the promotion of new talents and giving the new artists a platform to showcase their talents. The music company recently launched four music albums, all catering to a different set of audience. The four CDs are of four genres and will have a different target audience.

Arnab Bhattacharya’s band Spectrum launched their first CD named Spectrum under the banner of Rooh music Company. The band which is the brain child of Arnab Bhattacharya has six members. Arnab plays the sarod, Rajdeep Karmakar on lead, Sayanjit Ghosh on bass, Sunayan Das on guitar, Sumon Debnath on keyboard and Tamal Mondol on drums.  The album was launched by Arnab Bhattacharya, Gaurab Chatterjee (also known as Gaboo), Pradip Chatterjee (Flutist of Mohiner Ghoraguli), Stephane Amalir (Director, Alliance Francaise), Lasnier Pierre Antoine (Cultural coordinator of Alliance Francaise) and the members of the band, Spectrum.  The album has eight compositions. The song First child is dedicated to the baby of his friend. The song was composed when she gave birth to the child. When Melody speaks is a rag based composition while Dohon is one of the most popular compositions of the band. Stephane Amalir was full of praises for Arnab Bhattacharya whom he first heard playing on World Music day (21st June) at the Alliance Francaise, Kolkata.

bangla music album launch

A unique album launch was done by the music company when the music album “Ek chokhe swapno” of Rinku Mukherjee was launched. The singer who stays in USA was connected over the internet via Skype and the press interacted with her over the internet. The album launch was also done in this manner. Gaurab Chatterjee did the honors of inaugurating the music album. The singer saw the inauguration of the music album live over the internet. The music album has eight songs. The songs in this album are mostly of the romantic genre.

bangla music album launch

The third album that Rooh music released is “Twist in Tale: Groove it green”. There is a small story that goes behind this name of the album. Few strange creatures from different galaxies were banished from their respective planets for being disobedient freaks of nature. On their way to the Intergalactic Jail they crash landed on the planet ‘Groove’. There the inhabitants, Funky Monks, gifted them with weird sound making instruments. From then onwards they embarked on a mission to conquer the Universe with their weird noises, which can also be termed as music. Cactus band members launched this music album. There are six songs in the album. Some of the songs include “an epilogue”, “a different place”, “mind shadow” and many more.

bhuler khata music launch

Bhuler Kotha is the fourth album released by this music company. This is a bangle rock album. Kaustav Dutta is the person who is behind this album. The nine songs in the album have been written by Kaustav himself. Monojit Dutta, Sidhartha Ray of Cactus band and Gaurab Chatterjee released this album.

Rooh Music Company must be applauded for showing the courage to bring out CDs of new artists even when the music industry is facing hard times.