Ustad Rashid Ali Khan records for upcoming new Bangla Movie E Ki Labonne ; The bilingual song may feature Arpita Chatterjee too

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, November 1 (Washington Bangla Radio): Labonno is a dancer by profession. She is in love with Amit, who is a singer. Amit has to go to different places to perform shows. As a result what happens, she is unable to stay close to Amit. This causes a mental stress on Labonno. She feels lonely. In the meantime, her life is saved by a musician named Kevin. She wanted to end her life and this is when Kevin saves her life. It is with the help from Kevin that she becomes a well known dancer slowly. They get married. The rise in popularity of Labonno leads to jealousy in Kevin’s mind and he starts drinking. The love that was there between Kevin and Labonno starts fading. Amit returns in her life and this starts confusion in the mind of Labonno. Should she stay with her drunkard husband who helped her to become famous or should she go back to her boyfriend Amit? This is the story of the upcoming Bengali film E Ki Labonne.

The film is directed by Anindyo Sarkar and is produced by Pinki Films. The main cast of the film includes Locket Chatterjee as Labonno, Saheb Chatterjee as Amit and Debshankar Haldar as Kevin. Kaushik Chakroborty, Bithika Roy will also be found in some important roles in this film.

The recording of one song of the film “Rabba ye tera kaisa silsila” recently was completed at Prasad lab. The song is a bilingual song. The Hindi portion of the song has been sung by Ustad Rashid Ali Khan. “I plan to ask Arpita (Prasenjit’s Wife) to lend her voice to the Bengali part of the song. She has a wonderful voice and she will do justice to the song. This song will be used as a situation song and no character will be lip syncing with the song” said music director Debojyoti Bose. There are five songs in the film. The title track has been sung by Disha Ray. “Since this is a musical film, there is immense scope of making good music. Music is very vital in this film. The music in this film is relevant and gels well with the mood of the film. The songs which has been used is not present just for the sake of adding songs. It has a purpose and helps to bring forth the emotions and moods of the characters. Since Labonno is a dancer, I got the scope of creating some dance music in the film. The choreography of the dance steps have been done by Sandip Mullick” added the music director. Debojyoti Bose had plans of using Arijit Singh to sing one of the songs in the film. However due to date clashes, that may not be possible.

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The film will be shot mostly in different parts of Kolkata. There may be some outdoor shoots but that has not yet been decided by the director. E ki Labonne is slated for release on the Bengali New Year’s day in 2014.