Fossils 4 - Bengali Audio Songs album by Bangla Rock Band Fossils launched in Kolkata

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

fossils 4 album launch

Kolkata, November 1 (Washington Bangla Radio): Fossils 4, the sixth album of the popular Bengali band Fossils was released recently in front of the assembled media at The Swiss Hotel. This is the first Bengali rock album which ten days prior to release have been released on the internet. The songs have been released on sites where the songs are streaming. According to Rupam Islam, 99.97 per cent of the people have liked the album and only a small percentage of the people may have disliked the album. The copyright and the publishing right of this album belongs to Fossils band. This is a self produced album and hence very special for the band. The manufacturing and the distribution rights is given to INRECO. This is another unique initiative taken by this band for their album. Mobile apps will be available for this album too. This is one distribution strategy that has been taken up by INRECO for the distribution of this album, Fossils 4. Live performances will also be a part of the distribution process.

The songs in this album originate from arbitrary, every day events and transit towards a universal truth. The albums in the Fossils series juxtapose the opposite phases and experiences in human life. For example, the songs juxtapose faith and denial, existence and destruction, life and the afterlife and so on. There are eight songs in the album and one is an instrumental rock. The song Khnoro is the search for truth, reason and love, Bandor pokes fun at everything adversity has to throw. The songs in the album are all varied in its taste and differ from one another. This enriches the album.

Speaking on the occasion Fossils band member Rupam Islam highlighted on the music treatment in this album. “The music of this album has been kept primarily organic so that the listeners can get the feel of the live performances of the band” said Rupam. The CD cover is also special. The CD cover has been designed by a band member of Fossils who had taken pictures of the band during their national and international tours. The CD cover has been made by mixing the best pictures from the lot. The music of the album is for every age group of listeners and must not be categorized as “song for old or young people”. “Music does not have any boundaries. I do not believe in boundaries. One can get influenced by any kind of music. For example, the band members of Fossils are influenced by a variety of music genres. This has a cumulative influence on the music that we make” said the singer. Commenting on the fact that the physical sales of the albums has declined, the singer said “This is the reason why we are depending on the web for the promoting of the music album. This will open up avenues of promotion and also enable to reach out to more people. the live streaming will limit piracy to some extent”.

poster rupam islam

The music launch was followed by a live performance by the band at City Centre 2 in the presence of live audience. The kind of reaction that the band got from the assembled audience proved that the immense popularity of the band which have remained the same even after so many years.