Interview: Claudia Ciesla - Sharing Screen Space with Akshay Kumar in First Item Song is a Dream Come True

German Actress Model Claudia Ciesla in Bollywood film Khiladi 786 Item Song Balma

Mumbai, Nov 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Till date the word “Balma” was associated with the starlet actress Sridevi but from now on the blazes of Balma are sure to direct our mind towards this new chick in B-town – Claudia Ciesla. After giving a successful Punjabi film, Claudia Ciesla has turned towards Hindi film industry and her first item number “Balma” alongside Khiladi Kumar has become a rage amongst the audience. The film Khiladi 786 is slated for release this December 7th so we caught up with this hot chick on her experience while shooting Balma.

After Sridevi you would be the one remembered for Balma how does it feel?

Sridevi ji is an icon and I am only a disciple. But it is an absolute bliss when you think of it that way. Sridevi ji created the “Balma” fancy and I am only following the legacy.

How much time did it take to shoot the song balma?

We shot song in 3 days and the song was shot entirely in Mumbai.

How much time you had to put in for rehearsals?

I rehearsed for 2 days before the shooting, but I am thankful to Ganesh Master ji and his team as his choreography did magic on me. I could explore myself and now I know what my body is capable of.

How was the experience of working with the dance guru Ganesh Acharya for your first item number?

It was my fortune to have got a chance to work with Ganesh Master ji. He is very affectionate person and precise in his work.

Was there any sort of anxiety before shooting the song?

It was a dream [come true] to share space with Akshay in my first item song. Naturally, a sort of anxiety was there as I had to match with Akshay who is so experienced … but I worked hard to do that and I think it came out brilliantly.

Are there any more offers lined up for item numbers?

If a good offer will come for item song as catchy and peppy as Balma is, I will definitely do it.

Having Shreya Ghoshal sing for you how does it feel?

Shreya Ghoshal is one of my favourite singers and to double the treat the song is composed by  Himesh Reshammiya … I´m really thankful and overwhelmed for getting the opportunity to be the item girl of Balma

What are your Future projects?

Talks are going on; soon I´m going to surprise you again (smiles and signs off)

German Actress Model Claudia Ciesla in Bollywood film Khiladi 786 Item Song Balma