"2 Nights in Soul Valley" Promises Freshness in Indian Horror Films

Hemant Pandey and Jenny in Indian Bollywood Horror Film
Hemant Pandey and Jenny in Indian Bollywood Horror Film "2 Nights in Soul Valley"

Mumbai, Nov 29, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Horror genre in the Hindi cinema was never regarded as a genre and was instead considered a sub-genre till films from Ramsay brothers made the spirit presence more spin chilling. Though it was from the films like Mahal, Bees Saal Baad, Bhoot Bungla that the horror genre took off but it was only well-received during Ramsay Brother era. The earlier films played down on the evil element and enlightened the music which added special effects but Ramsay films created-evil, the lust for blood, power, revenge, old mansions and darkness-their forte.

Shanky and Harry in Indian Bollywood Horror Film
Shanky and Harry

In the recent times the technology has changed and so has the taste of the audience yet the films like Bhoot, Phoonk, Vastu Shastra brought forth a new side to the gaudy RGV films. The films were liked by the audience and so were sequeled. The maker of rom-coms Priyadarshan too came up with a film like Bhool Bhulaiya while Balaji’s Krishna Cottage and Kuch toh hai also received a so- so response from the audience. Vishesh Film’s Junoon,Saaya, Raaz have been amongst well appreciated Horror films. Although inspired from the Hollywood films yet the story and the unkempt spirits till date have proved to be a better view. In spite of being one of the less explored sides of Bollywood yet great many directors have tried their hands in an attempt to bring a power pack ghost story. With each horror film every director has tried to bring a newness much needed in this genre.

Slated for release on December 28th the film “2 nights in soul valley” also promises something similar to the audience. “The film based on a real incident is a family horror entertainer,” says its director Harish Sharma. The film doesn’t have gaudy blood sequences or horrifying ghosts, the film story revolves around the inauspicious aura that surrounds five college friends that start for a trekking expedition. While they are dodging the negative supernatural entity they also are protected by a positive energy. But no sooner they step on the soil of Pithoragarh, a valley famous not only for its beauty but also infamously famous for the sudden disappearance of the trekkers, the group is engulfed by the negative power which continuously reinforces itself on them. Their guide Himmat and a British researcher only add more spook to the tale. The group wishes to leave the trekking premises safe and sound but will they make it unscratched?

The film is a directorial debut of PRO Harish Sharma, a renowned name in the entertainment industry. Sharma has also written the story for the film while its screenplay is written by Meenakshi Sharma and Suman Prasad. The film is produced under the banner of Pinta & Dehal productions and stars veteran actor Hemant Pandey.

As promised by Sharma, will this film too bring freshness in the world of horror? We await the audience decision.

Hemant Pandey in Indian Bollywood Horror Film
Hemant Pandey

Sumeet Sharma as Harry in Indian Bollywood Horror Film
Sumeet Sharma as Harry