CHUPKATHA Bangla Film on Extra-Marital Affair by Another Duo of Directors (WBRi Bengali Movie Preview)

CHOOPKOTHA Bengali Film Poster

Kolkata, Nov 28, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) As the film industry is watching the rise of a host of new directors who are coming up with fresh ideas and innovative treatments every time, the first week of December will see another two of such young directors presenting a new Indian Tollywood Kolkata Bengali movie.

Shouvick Sarkar and Dipankar Paul are ready with their next joint directorial venture titled ‘Chupkatha’. Shouvick Sarkar, who has a diploma in Film Animation, Compositing and Editing, has worked in a number of feature films and tele-films. He has worked on the script and screen-play for “Anurag”, a Bengali movie released in 2011. A number of tele-films credit him for story, script and direction including Adorer Nouka (2010), Jagoroney (a 2010 telefilm based on thalassemia) and Atithi (2009). He has also worked on a number of advertising films for corporate houses like Saswata Cement Ltd, Bittu Chur, Ambitious Group, GOCL, Khadims Egaro, Peerless Group and more.

Dipankar Paul has a MBA degree and has worked with Adlab Films for over three years.

According to the makers of the film, “The story is based on an extra-marital affair that carefully touches the finest strings of emotion. Often a very near and dear one may be so familiar with you that your unspoken words may remain unheard by that person forever. And then like a fairy-tale your mind gets captivated by someone who is much younger yet much alive to your imagination. You hear those unseen strings tinkling to play that serene music where there is only a union of two hearts and two minds beyond all worldly belongings and responsibilities - so pleasant, so divine and so secure that you cannot help but respond to it. But then again the cruel reins of society lash on your dream and your new world blurs out in gradual agony. You feel stifled but there lies the stark realization - the gap between reality and imagination is never to be bridged. In the end there is again a reunion after many years but only to part again and both are left with a memory which now rests as a comfortable part of their existence. The strings play but silently, merely a recapitulation of the past. Probably here lies the truth of life where one has to smile with tears building up at the corner of the eyes.”

The cast includes Silajit Majumder, Payel Roy, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Aparajita Adhya, Biplab Bandhyopadhyay, Ratri Ghatak, Rumki Chatterjee and Sougata Bandhyopadhyay. Tanmoy Roy who is a Radio Jockey and emcee for one of the popular FM channels is also going to be a part of the cast.

CHOOPKOTHA Bengali Film Poster

The story and script of "Chup Katha" have been penned by Shouvick Sarkar. The background score is composed by Rajkumar Sengupta. The film credits Debendra Chandra Das as the Cinematographer. Moloy Banerjee and Bodhaditya Banerjee are the editor and the creative consultant of the film respectively.

"Choopkotha" features Bengali film songs from some leading singers - Silajit, Joy Sarkar, Indradip Dasgupta and Radhika. Ananya, a well known singer who is popularly known as Kheda has also lent her voice for songs in the film. Srijato has penned the lyrics.

CHOOPKOTHA Bengali Film Poster

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