"Hoi Choi" - A Story Around a Theater Group: WBRi Bengali Movie Preview

By Priyanka Dutta

Indian Tollywood Kolkata Bangla Movie Stars Rahul and Priyanka at Banchbo Kolkata Shera Pujo Sharad Shamman 2012
Rahul and Priyanka

Kolkata, Nov 27, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Hoi Choi is an upcoming Indian Tollywood Kolkata Bengali movie directed by Debarati Gupta. The cast of the film includes Vikram Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Priyanka, Rahul and actor-director Shekhar Das who is the acclaimed maker of films like ‘Krantikaal’ and ‘Necklace’ and has won a National award for the film ‘Krantikaal’ in the year 2005.  The story of the film Hoi Choi revolves around the activities of a theater group. This caused the director to schedule shooting of the film at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Vikram Chatterjee is playing the role of a musician in the film. This has been a role he could relate himself with very easily as Vikram was a part of a music group in his college days. Very few know that he was not only the vocalist but was also the lyricist of that group. The name of his character is in the film is Nalok. He is a composer and a musician. He has the responsibility for composing music for the theatre group. Like all practitioners of art, Nalok also lives in his own world. He is oblivious to all material things. The musician that he plays is also addicted to drugs. The actor feels that Rahul has helped him immensely to shape his character in the film and has given him lots of ideas on how to enact.

As the film has a storyline based on a theater group, Rahul also got an advantage as he has a theater background and had spent days in theatre. This has helped him immensely to adapt to the character of the film. The actor felt like it was a trip down memory lane for him. Rahul’s character is that of a script writer and actor for the theater group in Hoi Choi. This is one character he could very well relate with and this has helped him immensely in the portrayal of the role.

Beside Rahul, Priyanka will also be seen  playing the role of one of the theater actors in the film Hoi Choi. Paoli plays the role of the director of the theatre group. Contrary to what most of the viewers will predict, she is not paired opposite Vikram Chatterjee in the film. As it is a known fact that Paoli and Vikram who were seen being paired in the critically acclaimed film ‘Elar Char Adhyay’, are more than good friends in their real life, Paoli feels that this will be quite different experience for the audience.

Debarati Gupta has also cast Rudranil Ghosh and Nitya Ganguly in the film. The first schedule shooting of the film has already been completed by the director at various locations in Kolkata. From Babughat to the Coffee house to the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, the director has shot at quite a number of places in the city for the film. The film is going through its post production works. The film is scheduled to be releasing at the beginning of the next year.

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