List of winners of La Cabina: International Medium Length Film Festival

The Vth Edition of the International Medium Length Film Festival ended last Sunday with the Jury and Public prices announcement.

'No Way Home' from Taiwanese Shih Li is the winner for the best medium-len gth film of this Vth Edition and 'Blackstory' from Austrian Christoph and Stefan Brunner get the public price !

 A Taiwanese film wins La Cabina Prize of 600 Euros.
Shih Li’s film No Way Home wins the Best Medium Length Film Award of La Cabina 2012
La Cabina International Medium Length Film Festival hosted by Valencia University Cinema Department and supported by the Audiovisual and Cinema Valencian Institute (IVAC) has disclosed La Cabina Vth edition’s winners during the closing ceremony last Sunday, November 18th.
Valencia, November 22th.
After ten intense days of festival, with an audience 20% higher than last year, the Jury President, film director Sigfrid Monleón, has disclosed the names of the winners of La Cabina Vth Edition during the festival closing ceremony that took place at the Modern Art Valencian Institute (IVAM). Shih Li’s film No Way Home (Taiwan) has won the Best Medium Length Film Award while Blackstory directed by Christoph and Stephan Brunner has won the Audience Award.
The Jury members, Sigfrid Monleón, Álevaro Yebra, Cristian Guijarro, José Antonio Hurtado and Antonia del Rey, filmmakers and cinema experts, have awarded the first prize to Shih Li’s medium length film No Way Home after much deliberation since as said Sigfrid Monleón: « this year’s selection is of a really high quality, full of different styles, subjects, films from many different countries ».
No way home (Taiwan, 2011) is a 35 minute long drama, a hymn to life, where important decisions such as staying or leaving, waking up or staying asleep are involved. Subtle, gentle but serious, the film tells the story of a woman who wakes up one day only wanting one thing: not to come home. She will wander through Taipei’s streets helped by a taxi driver.
One of this year’s novelties is the Audience Award. The audience has indeed had the opportunity to vote for the medium length films they saw. The Audience Award has been won by the Austrian film noir Blackstory (2011).
The jury has also decided to add a new award, the Best Animation Medium Length Film Award. It wasn’t planned to have one, but as Sigfrid Monleón said « we have created this award because animation films are not on an equal footing with fiction films. What’s more, we found
all the animation medium length films we have seen in this year selection really interesting ». The award was won by Rozum a Stesti (Czech Republic, 2011) by David Sukup.
The list of Winners for the fifth Edition of La Cabina, International Festival of Medium Length Films
BEST MEDIUM LENGHT FILM ANIMATED Reason and Chance, by David Sukup
AUDIENCE AWARD Blackstory, by Cristoph and Stefan Brunner
BEST DIRECTOR Milad Alami for Nothing Can Touch Me - Quimu Casalprim for Galileo’s Moons
BEST SCREENPLAY Daniele Atzeni, for The Dead of Alos
BEST ACTRESS Runa Greiner, for Eyes shut
BEST ACTOR Matthias Brenner for Of Dogs and Horses
BEST PHOTOGRAPHY Julia Franken for Galileo’s Moons
BEST MUSIC Ex-aequo: Rosto, for The Monster of Nix - Jonathan Nix for The missing key
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