Na Hanyate: A Technical Milestone in Bengali Films (WBRi Movie Review)

Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Sayani Dutta and Chaiti Ghosal
Indian Bengali Actresses Sayani Dutta (left) and Chaiti Ghosal at the music release of Na Hanyate

Kolkata, November 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Na hanyate’, the latest film of Riingo, is all about the tragedies and fateful incidents that happen to life and how the aftermath of those burdens human life with unending agony.

The story starts at the village of ‘Samastipur’ where an old building collapses one night. The families staying there were torn apart. One such family forms the protagonist of the film. The family consisting of Jui (Roopa ganguly), her husband and her two children, Ratan and Shiuli. On that fateful night, she loses her husband and also got separated from her daughter. Dr Siddique (Dev Shankar) and Zoya (Chaiti Ghoshal) bring Shiuli up as their own daughter and Shiuli, who never could forgive her own mother for leaving her in the hand of fate, also looked after them as her own parents. How the relationships are resolved forms the basis of the story.

Riingo has tried well to capture the pain and anguish of all those who suffered from the hellish situations. Roopa Ganguly as Jui has delievered an expected excellent performance. Her expressions and body language were more than perfect. The pain, the love and the hidden agony, she has showed it all without any word or melodrama. Not a easy thing to do. Rahul as grown up Ratan is another actor to watch. He is perhaps presently the best in the industry when it comes to timing. His executions of the particular mannerisms and body language needed for his character are something to watch for. Dev Shankar Halder and Chaiti has also lived up to professional acting standards. Debutant Sayani Dutta, in the role of grown up Shiuli has done a good job. Sayani has a great screen presence but she looked lifeless and mechanical in some parts of the film. She has to learn the use of her beautiful eyes to deliver better expressions.

But newcomer Chirodeep has surprised everyone with his stellar performance. The newcomer has taken every aspect of his acting to high perfection. His delivery of that typical Non-Bengali accent is fabulous. He is definitely an actor to watch out for in future. Priyanka, as Rahul’s girlfriend and later wife had very little to do in the film with her brief screen time.

The direction was quite good. The sequence of the collapsing building is a technical milestone in Bengali film Industry. The editing has been a bit jerky. When depicting a story that runs for over thirty years one has to make sure to hurry up with the reels and the jerks that could be felt is perhaps a result of that. The chronology was maintained and thanks to it that the film was less confusing than what it could be. Special effects by Krishnendo Ghosh are definitely one of the better aspects of the film.

The songs are average except a couple of tracks. The title song may make a mark. Both Dibyendu Mukherjee as actor and his alter avatar Sriram Yusuf as music director have miles to go.

But the sequence of the collapse of the old building alone makes the film worthy of watching at least once!

- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (