Shama Sikander, Krishna Abhishek and Yajness Shetty to Celebrate Bruce Lee’s Birthday

By Sanjay Sharma Raj

Yajness Shetty

Mumbai, Nov 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Yajness Shetty, the Bollywood martial Arts trainer and chairman of Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global Sport Federation, on November 27, 2012, will celebrate the 72nd birth anniversary of Bruce Lee at Game Hall of Andheri Sports complex, Andheri (w), Mumbai.

Shama Sikandar, Krishna Abhishek and other personalities will also be present.

Chitah Yajness Shetty has organised 2nd Chitah Jeet Kune Do National Championship this year too.

Martial artists from 20 states will participate in the event. The winners will be felicitated on 27th November.

A 2013 calendar will also be released, which will have Bruce Lee's 72 philosophies like focus, meditation etc. It will have some rare Bruce Lee photos.

A big statue of Bruce Lee has also been built, which will be inaugurated.

They will cut a cake and celebrate unique way Bruce Lee’s Birthday.

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