Film-Maker Ravi Bhatia on "2 Little Indians" - An Inspirational Film on the Country's Men in Uniform

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Mumbai, Nov 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Though every nation looks at their men and women in uniform with  the deepest respect and gratitude, there has been a steady decline in young citizens enlisting to protect their homeland over recent years. It appears an increasing number of young men and women as well as their parents are taking to perceive a career in the nation's military as dangerous and thus to steer away from.

Debutant writer-director Ravi Bhatia takes up this very issue in his upcoming Bollywood feature film "2 Little Indians".

Ravi Bhatia has been into advertising film-making for the last ten years and steps into commercial films with this project. Speaking to Washington Bangla Radio he said about his film, "This film revolves round two young kids Ronak and Rohit and their neighbor Colonel Singh. The two naughty and playful kids constantly disturb the retired Colonel with their mischievous acts. After a while things get unbearable for the retired colonel. The film moves on to show how youngsters and their parents react to the idea of enlisting with the army."

The role of the two kids  Ronak and Rohit have been essayed by Master Ronak and Susavit Sinha aka Ansh respectively. Kamal Chopra plays Colonel Singh. Devindra Madan will be seen as ‘Aunty Ji’. Mushtaq Khan will be seen in the role of ‘Boss’ while  Kurush Deboo will essay the role of ‘Dabba’. The director himself will also be playing a pivotal role in the film. His celluloid avatar in the film will be as Sunil Kapoor. Shubhangi Atre Poorey, who rose to fame for her role in the mega serial ‘Kasturi’(aired on Star Plus) will play his on-screen better half as ‘Sanjana Kapoor’.

The film has seven songs. Dedicated to family bonding, the song ‘Tinka tinka si doori bhi chukti hai’ is already being loved by audience. The song written by Sanjay Mishra has been sung by Javed Ali. Ravi Bhatia told WBRi, “Bollywood has not produced a film song on family bonding for a long time. So I decided to include this song.”

On the origins of the idea of making such a film, Bhatia said, "Love, respect, honor and loyalty towards our country are fading away in today's so called modern world. Due to globalization, job opportunities are on a rise and as everyone knows the youth have the scope to earn more and more money in different fields, but nobody desires to serve his nation and earn the satisfaction gained by it. Therefore, enlistment in our army is continuously decreasing. My movie attempts to motivate parents and especially children, bringing out a patriotic feeling in everyone and reminding them of the endless sacrifice and dedication of each and every officer who looks after our nation's security. As children are the future of a brighter India this movie is specially made and designed to appeal to them."

Watch Hindi Movie "2 Little Indians" video song Tinka Tinka si doori.

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal

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