Bicycle Kick Bengali Movie Music Release

Kolkata, Nov 18, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) A complete album always comprises of much more than just the songs. Themes, variations and other vocal performances like recitation complete an album. The music album of the upcoming film ‘Bicycle Kick’ that was launched recently in a glittering event is a complete album in that sense.

Indian Bengali Singer Songwriter Composer Anushree Gupta of Ashmaan
Anushree Gupta of Ashmaan

Launched in the presence of the cast and crew of the film, the album has about thirteen tracks including five well performed songs. Apart from Sumit Das and Devasish Sen Sharma - the two directors of the film, Saurabh, Ritwick and Ridhima Ghosh graced the occasion. Also seen were music director Joy Sarkar, Mainak "Bumpy" Nag Chowdhury, Kartick Das Baul, Anushree Gupta (feature) and others.

The film revolves around soccer ("football" in India) and a song dedicated to the game is present as expected. The song ‘Korbo Lorbo Shera Bangalir tumi football’ reminds us of the numerous songs dedicated to the game from time immemorial. As many as four young singers Avik, Joy, Saptak and Timir have lent their voices to the song. Lyrics of the song penned by Dipanshu make it all the more lovable.

Cheerleader eshe..keheladhulor kore dieche chatni…..Tao amra Gosto paler Nati Natni’, ‘Sobuj Maroon keu …keu laal holde…buk e Jodi dom thake chute eshe goal de…’, ‘Bangaler Fantasy… Ghotir Mukhe Hasi……football after all’ are some of the lines from the songs which will be surely loved by the audience. This song is a tribute to the famous song ‘Sob Khelar shera Bagalir tumi football’.

Chal Chale’ is the title song of the film which is reportedly going to set the mood of the film. Shaan (Shantanu Mukherjee) has sung this song. The song has been penned by Srijato.

Two versions of the song ‘Icchedana’ are treats to romantic song lovers. Interestingly the song has been written by Devasish Sen Sharma, one half of the director duo of the film. The male version of the song has been sung by none other than Anupam Roy, the newest music sensation of Bengali film Industry while Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury has voiced the female version of the song.

One of the Atul Prasad’s songs has been used in the film in an interesting manner. The song ‘Ami Badhinu tomar teere toroni amar..’ has been sung by Kaushiki Desikan. This particular song is bound to touch the emotions of the audience.

The song ‘kaane kaane  …’ which is penned by Dipangshu and sung by Timir also bears a emotional tune. The song has been used in various parts of the film and speaks out the silences, the memories and the pain of the characters of the film.

DIl ki Doya..’ the folk song, by Kartick Das Baul is something one should not miss and neither the track short ‘O jaane jana..Dolchut.. dolchut’ by Anusree Gupta, the lead singer of ‘Ashmaan’ - the brand new band of the city.

The newest element of the album is that a theme music has been dedicated to every protagonist of the film. The themes, i.e., ‘Moti Nandy Theme’, ‘Madhabilata Theme and and ‘Mentor theme’ are going to be the signature tune of the respective characters.

A beautiful recitation by Ritwick makes the album complete. The poem is written by Dipangshu.

Music by Joy Sarkar never disappoints and this time is no exception. Background score by Mainak Bumpy Nag Chowdhury has also made a mark. A strong blend of Rock Music, Hindustani classical, Jazz and fusion has undoubtedly made the album multi-dimensional.

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal

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