Gulzar and Mahesh Bhatt release Zia Us Salam’s “Housefull”

Mahesh Bhatt, Tisca Chopra, Ziya Us Salam and Gulzar
Mahesh Bhatt, Tisca Chopra, Ziya Us Salam and Gulzar

Mumbai, Nov 10, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Zia Us Salam’s book “Housefull” was released recently in presence of many eminent personalities of bollywood. To name a few, famous lyricist Gulzar, actress Tisca Chopra, renowned director Mahesh Bhatt and documentary filmmaker Umesh Aggarwal were present on the occasion.

Zia Us Salam is a renowned journalist/critic and feature editor of The Hindu. This talented writer and editor has written more than 1000 articles. In this world where everything changes with a blink of an eye, Zia Salam has provided his services to “The Hindu” for 11 long years.

Zia Us Salam’s book Housefull is about the “Golden Era of Bollywood”. Zia Us Salam with his vast experience in journalism and editing has written this book with the ink of knowledge and skills. We all have family album at home, this is where we store all the beautiful memories that have occurred in our life. In the same way Zia Us Salam’s book Housefull has captured all the magical moments that has occurred in Bollywood with rare pictures and stories.

Published by Om books international this sensational book by the brilliant mind is a must read and a must have for every movie buff, especially the ones crazy about the black and white era.

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