Actress Bhumika Chawla Wishes Fans a Very Happy and Safe Diwali

South Indian Bollywood Movie Actress Bhumika Chawla

Mumbai, Nov 10, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Diwali, the festival of lights is knocking at your doors and this is one of Bhumika’s favorite festival. The beautiful actress thinks that this is a very special time when you come together with your family and enjoy the festivity.

Bhumika Chawla will be celebrating this Diwali with her family at Bangalore. The best thing that she loves about Diwali is that she gets to eat all the delicacies that she wants.  When asked what will be the one thing that you would want your fans to do on Diwali? The answer from the sweet and innocent actress was that, please avoid bursting high decibel crackers as it may be harmful to both humans and animals.

As a responsible citizen of this country she also says that most of the fire cracker industry use kids to make it, so she will be avoiding fire crackers. Will you too follow her lead?


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