Actress Yaami Gautam Rescues Her Fan in Kolkata

Indian Bollywood Hindi Film Actress Yaami Gautam

Kolkata, Nov 8, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Recently on her trip to Kolkata, actress Yaami Gautam came to a fan’s rescue ensuring that she stayed with him until he was properly tended to.

While several fans mobbed the actress on her trip to the city for an event, a youngster suffocated and collapsed amidst the crowd also sustaining some injuries.

Reveals a source “Yaami was performing at an event when the crowds started mobbing her as she got off the stage….several bouquets were being flung onto the stage and in between that chaos a fan got injured and was suffocating with the pushing crowds.Yaami spotted him and got the crowds to clear, she even called for the doctor and waited till the boy felt better”.

Yaami Gautam is also an accomplished model and a brand ambassador for many top brands in India.

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