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Soumak ChatterjeeWhen Love Touched Me

Soumok Chatterjee

It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane,weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again..

this is how my story starts.

I was in love , truly , deeply in love two years ago . It was quite unexpected that we will meet but its almighty who made it possible . So it was Monday ,the day i had my maths tuition, as usual I went to my maths tuition but as soon as I entered the room I noticed that there was a girl who was making the room go absolutely nuts . I was totally lost in her charm  somehow I managed to sit ,still drown in her charm. . Looking at her I thought she is definitely in a stable relationship with someone, who’s the luckiest of course and its better to stay away from her , but after couple of hours of non stop “stealing-glances-now-and-then-session” . there was a moment that changed my life ! We proceeded to ask each other about basic questions . As I knew that she wasn’t from our school so I asked her from which school she is ? she said she’s from south gate history school and she asked from where do i belong I said Carmel high school , in the mean time she told me that she came form Assam this very year as her dad was posted in Assam for service . The tuition was about to end . After the tuitions she told me that it was nice meeting me. I was eager to get her contact number but it was the first day so I somehow suppressed the urge of it , but after I met her that day I use to run to her school everyday , I use to collect information about her everyday , the next morning when I reached her school to meet her , she got inside school campus and I was very sad but she saw me , she wanted me to avoid every moment , next day I came too early for the tuition so that I can meet her , but as usual she was never in time she reached after half and hour , after I saw her I was pretty happy  and I decided to take her contact number but I didn’t have the courage to speak up , I asked one of my friend to give me some ideas to ask her contact number and  he told me that he can help me by accompanying me but with no plans , somehow I followed her and with great courage I came closer to her and asked her whether i can have her number? she was stunned she said “ya why not but I don’t have any personal cell you can take my mom’s number first”, I thought of leaving then I thought of taking her moms number , at night after my dinner I texted her she replied with a “hi” and “this is my moms number so we can talk very rare and we can talk only in tuitions” So I never missed a chance to meet her in her school and in our mutual tutions , one after day when she was texting me after lunch I proposed her . Her answer was “are u mad how can u be in love with a  person in 10 days ? !!!” I said t”hese ten days were like ten years for me and ok fine then be my bestfriend” she said “ya that’s ok .” Days passed by she called me up and said she was going to buy a new phone , that was  the best gift for me (finally what a relief..fewww) till now . I was very happy now I can call her anytime I want to.She used to share all our stories with her mom , after tution we used to walk upto her cycle stand . one night she called me up and she said “how dare u ? why did u open a facebook profile of mine” , I was astonished  I said what are u saying why will I open your profile ? Later she came to know that was a mistake from her side and I didn’t do that it was a boy her classmate who did so , from that day onwards she was more closer to me (thanks to her classmate.. ;-)...),months passed by ,one day I received a call from her and she was crying terribly when I asked for the reason why was she crying she said she loves me I said “what say me again I didn”t hear you(okay okay i lied..but cudn’t help it)” she said “I love you”(not always honesty is the best policy) , I asked her to stop crying and how she realised that she loves me she said she was watching a movie which made her realized that she loves me. We were raelly made for each other we had many similarities and more cool was that we both were born on same month ie November, only difference was 10 days her was 20th my is 30th . we both had cycles, so  we often used to go out for a cycle ride in evening , we used to go to tuition together as days passed by I told my parents about her ,she used to come to my house and I use to go to hers  . First time when I met her dad was after kali puja , she was having problems with her  computer so she called me up and I came to help her when her dad was home (thank god or her dad that i wasn’t killed that day), we used to spend time together for hours and hours , she was so caring that she used to give her own books to me before exams , I was a student who was less interested in going to tuitions but she use to accompany me in tution . In my birthday when I opened my eyes I saw her sitting next to me and smiling and I saw loads of gifts around me , she made a cake for me she brought a wristlet (no i’m not gay..i loved her..so you can understand ) for me and many more ,she made a card which was most precious gift for me , we often use to bunk our tuiton and we used to go for small dates. I was mainly interested in gaming so she motivated me every moment to study , you can say she was my lover ,  my wife  , my buddy , my mother of course (the kinda mother i loved in another way..you know which way..) , my friends used to say that she is my second mother she used to take care of my every damn thing whether I had taken my lunch whether I’m drinking plenty of water, whether I’m studying .

I used to give her a rose everyday we met she used to keep all those rose in a packet and her diary , she’s also a good painter and a very good debater she often use to go out for debates competitions from her school . once she went to Assam for her debate competition, those were some days which was incomplete for me without her , she never used to eat fast foods as her parents wont allow her we use to hide and eat (i know she’s adorable..she’s my dream come true..)and her favourite ice cream was vanilla flavoured , we often use to have ice creams, we use to spent hours after hours sitting in station and talking,we often visited Kolkata  , once we went to Kolkata ,we went to Alipore zoo, she was very fearless, she went near a monkey and clicked it’s photograph and that monkey jumped upon her but she was lucky enough to escape  . We both loved each other like any thing ,we used to share each and everything to both of us .

time was passing by fast ,our board exams came near I was preety sure that I will fail she was the only one who gave me courage an after every exams she was the one whom I hugged and cried because I couldn’t do that good as I wanted to do for her , results came out she scored very good but I couldn’t I got pass  in physics , in our boards there is a rule, we can retry a paper in two months in same year if we want to, so everyone told me that to give it next year this and that but she said me i can pass out , I gave the exam I passed out and now I am reading b.pharm just because of her , she was the only reason for my success , she was my light who was guiding me till now , she never read engineering just because of  me ,to make me more educated  but somehow we broke up for various several reasons which were not true enough I still miss her a lot and I will love her with my whole heart for forever , she was the only reason for my success god knows what will happen to me in future , but I pray god make to her happy , “God please i pray to you to keep her happy and always keep her safe in your arms , so that no one can harm her and she may turn out the most as the most successful person in my life”.

I still think of her everyday, every moment ,i miss her like anything, i wish we could’ve worked it out somehow..but we couldn’t..all i know is that the times we were together were the best times of my life, i’ll never let them fade away from my memories..even though she’s gone,the memories will remain..i’ll cherish them for forever..life goes on it never stops, even though she’s so far away from me,i still have the strength to go on, well she gave me that..I want her to know wherever she is ,i’m still here, loving her always..♥

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