Bruno Chatelin received Charlie's Golden Boot for his contribution to European Cinema at Lodz Cinergia Forum of European Cinema














I felt very honored receiving this award, especially when my translator told me the reason.

Within the tradition of the festival we try to build the atmosphere of admiration and respect for our guests and great cinema artists. The Golden Boot, an award granted by the Charlie Cinema, is a unique award, probably the only award in the world granted by the cinema, by the viewers and cinema lovers. It is granted to artists for whom cinema art, culture, and art in general are most important. Artists who are determined in achieving their goals, which usually results in cinema masterpieces. I would like to invite Mr Filip Bajon onto the stage. Mr Bajon mentioned once in one of our conversations that he regretted he had never received the Munk Film Prize. Thus it is even a greater opportunity for us to grant him this Golden Boot Award during the festival in which he held the position of the jury chairman. Thank you for touching our souls with your pictures. [Thank you very much, it is a big surprise of the evening for me]. And now I would like to invite our guest who has also been a member of the jury during the festival, Mr Bruno Chatelin. He is a man who, with great passion, promotes cinema art all over the world, and we would like to thank him for that. [Mr Bruno Chatelin thanks + Polish translation]. I would also like to invite our guest and the star of today’s evening at the same time, an extraordinary artist, Mr Gary Lucas. [Mr Gary Lucas thanks + Polish translation].




















The award ceremony was followed by a blast, a concert of Gary Lucas playing solo on The Spanish Dracula (1931)