The name behind Ra.One’s successful Marketing streak

By Avishikta / EveryMedia

Mumbai, Nov 28, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) This year, Ra.One has broken all records and created history by coming up with unique ways of promotion. For promotional purposes, Ra.One came out with a range of exclusive movie merchandize, graphic novel with a backstory, 8 massive live events streaming & some really cool contests like ‘Spot G.One before he’s gone. The success was phenomenal and Ra.One got an outstanding visibility.

According to Sources, the digital outreach partner for the movie, EveryMedia had a huge role behind the success of the movie. They had stepped in last minute after SRK’s company had problems with the US based agency that was originally supposed to work on the website. EveryMedia was responsible for the design and the development of the movie in a really short period of time. The website now holds the record of being India’s 1st movie website to have a 1200 ranking on India, Alexa.

Division91, an EveryMedia partner was responsible for the Digital comic division for Ra.One. This 34 pager comic was released 4 pages per week & sent out goodies to contest winners. Near the release of the movie, 31 lakh copies of the digital comic were printed & circulated free with Times of India.

Ra.One, starring Shahruh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in lead roles, has also broken records on the digital front. Ra.One is currently the most populated Face book page for a Bollywood movie with numbers touching around 3, 46,165 fans. EveryMedia was also instrumental in conducting a number of live events, which was broadcasted on YouTube. They also introduced digital innovation with the NVIDIA gaming contest, LIVE, that announced winners from games being hosted on website, live time.

Red Chillies and EveryMedia have also done fun contests ‘Capture G.One’, where fans had to click pictures of Ra.One movie wherever they saw & send to the admin. The winner of the contest, Khaja Afaq Mohiuddin sent about 2500 clicked pictures to win a signature edition of G.One. Goods worth Rs.1 lakh have been given away exclusively to fans online!

On October 20th, 40 fans hung out with SRK and Kareena on a G+ video chat, which was broadcasted live on YouTube. Probably the first time, Kareena didn’t seem uninterested & was seen having fun!

Now, that we know what part the agency has played in making Ra.One a marketing success, we are eagerly waiting to see what the agency does to promote some of the movies in the pipeline and create a horde of excited fan following.

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