Alcazar Show (Pattaya, Thailand)


“No see Alcazar Cabaret?” came the question with a broad smile. “I beg your pardon?” I surprisingly asked the lady at the travel desk of Dusit Resort of Pattaya. I was not ready for this funny question. “Alcazar, Pattaya’s culture show” was the prompt reply. The name Alcazar always reminded me of Tintin’s friend, General Alcazar. No one in Pattaya could tell us why the renowned dance programme was named so. 
We were in Pattaya, one of the liveliest tourist destinations in Thailand. The hot and humid weather, corals, stunningly blue Gulf of Thailand just a few yards away from the hotel, and of course ‘Alcazar’ still make me long for Pattaya. The hotel tourist desk arranged everything perfectly. A “Tuk-Tuk”, a twenty-seater long auto rickshaw type vehicle, arrived in the scheduled time to pick up the guests from the hotel who were interested to see the show.
The bright and colourful auditorium, situated on the second road of Pattaya, looked gorgeous with a huge illuminated framework of the name ‘ALCAZAR’ on the top of the building.

The auditorium was big and had about 1200 seats. The magic of Alcazar had started with the splash of colour everywhere and each of us had a glass of beer served as a complimentary gift. Wonderfully talented artists entertained us along with the dazzling effects of the state of the art computerized lighting system and its ultra high tech circle sound system. The impressive display of mini shows based on different national classics were extremely colourful and fascinating, especially the Egyptian set with the pyramids and the Sphinx in the background was extraordinarily done up and the dance item was choreographed in a mystic manner so as to make the audience feel in Egypt. The dance numbers were choreographed on the basis of a typical hand movement, which may not sound very special but looked very different and impressive. The entertainment went on with continuous shows, dances, music and lip syncs by exquisite female performers. Majority of the artists were transvestites and this was considered to be an USP of the entire show. Skits and jokes were brought in as dramatic relief. The continuous entertainment for more than twenty years has now made Alcazar world famous and it is also being compared to Moulin Rouge of Paris. The idea of calling Alcazar a cabaret is perhaps not correct. Going by the traditional meaning of a cabaret, Alcazar did not fulfill either of the criteria that were needed to be termed as a cabaret
The show ended with the audience extremely impressed by the entire presentation. Out of the auditorium, we went for a cup of coffee in a café, it was late at night and the entire city of Pattaya seemed to be bubbling with life, rather the much-acclaimed nightlife of Pattaya.