Birsa Dasgupta's Jani Dekha Hobe (Bengali, 2011) Film Premieres in Kolkata on Rupa Ganguly's Birthday

Premiere of Jani Dekha Hobe Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

Indian Bengali Actress PAYEL SARKAR in Kolkata

Parambrata Chattopadhyay

Abir Chatterjee

Abir Chatterjee

Premiere of Jani Dekha Hobe Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

Calcutta, Nov 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Friday, the 25th of November, saw the press meet and the premiere of the much-awaited Birsa Dasgupta movie ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’. Expectations from the movie are at the highest, especially with the director’s first film, ‘033’, being both critically and commercially successful and recently been screened at the 17th Kolkata Film Festival as well.

Video: Premiere & Press Meet of "Jaani Dyakha Hawbe"

The press meet and premiere show was scheduled at Priya Cinema, at Rash Behari, in Calcutta. Entry to the show was primarily by invite, while a few tickets were available at the box office as well. The director, Birsa Dasgupta, was on hand, to greet the celebrity guests who started making their appearances as the clock ticked towards 7 p.m., the scheduled starting time for the show. Press reporters from several top Bengali dailies and private television channels were also present, ready with their cameras.

The entire cast of ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’, with the notable exception of Mamata Shankar, were present at the movie premiere. The loudest cheers were reserved for Anjan Dutt, Rupa Ganguli and Parambrata Chattopadhyay. Payel Sarkar, the leading lady of the movie, turned a lot of heads too, when she arrived at the auditorium. She was the last of the star arrivals, but hey, the press personnel weren’t complaining!

The show was attended by several other stars from the Bengali movie industry as well. Swastika Mukherjee was one of the early arrivals, looking quite fetching in a pretty salwar kameez, while a dapper Abir ‘Byomkesh’ Chatterjee expressed his close friendship with Birsa Dasgupta and other cast and crew members of the film, which made ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’ almost a “nijer-i cinema”. Cameras went ‘click, click, click’ at the sight of the television stars who were also present at the premiere.

The press conference started off with producer Namit Bajoria giving a short speech, thanking the celebrity guests as well as the members of the press for attending the premiere of ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’. He expressed his sincere belief that the hard work and dedication that every cast and crew member had put in would be reflected in the movie and it would be unanimously liked by everyone.

Next up on stage was the man himself, Birsa Dasgupta, or ‘the captain of the ship’ as his unit members preferred to call him. The director wasted no time in inviting the entire cast of the movie on the dais. Another flurry of photography ensued, as the entire team of ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’ stood side by side, faces gleaming with the knowledge that they have made a good, honest movie. Neel Dutt, the main music composer of the movie and Anjan Dutt’s son, could not, however, attend the show, as he was on a foreign tour.

The crew celebrated the birthday of Rupa Ganguli, which coincided with the premiere date of ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’, in an innovative manner. Rupa was handed a sword, believe it or not, to cut the birthday cake. The lady was gracious enough to call Payel and Birsa to her side and the trio cut the cake together, to the wild cheers and claps from the members of the audience.

The movie started directly after the birthday celebration, with the entire program schedule running late by about half an hour. But then, what is a big-budget movie premiere if it is not a tad fashionably late? One, however, wishes that the screen at Priya was not wrinkled near the top and on the left side. Still, minor glitches like those can hardly keep a good film down.

Here’s wishing the very best to the entire team of ‘Jani Dekha Hobey’. May the film wow critics again and set the box-office cash-registers jingling too.

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