Arthur Christmas (Film Review)


Dashing through the snow

in a one horse open sleigh

o’er the fields we go

laughing all the way…..

That’s exactly what you are going to hum when you see the fascinating and thrilling sleigh ride scenes in 3D when you watch ‘Arthur Christmas.’ Even though the film is a little early for Christmas, it’s full of fun and is a great watch.

I remember when my child was about 6 years of age; Santa had gifted her Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend) and had even left a small note for her under the tree that read ‘be a good girl.’ The expression on her face was perhaps worth a million dollars.  In this story it’s another small girl Gwen (Ramona Marquez) who has a pink twinkle bike on her wish list and that’s where the story and the trouble starts.

Arthur (James McAvoy) is our hero and the second son of Santa (Jim Broadbent). He has an elder brother Steve (Hugh Laurie). Where daddy dearest Santa and big bro Steve jointly organize the yearly present delivering work, Arthur is into responding thousands of letters that are written to Santa during the festive season. The pressure is too much and a single incident makes everything difficult where Gwen’s pink bike is lost in transit and is noticed pretty late. No one is really bothered as to what happened to the bike and whether the child receives it or not. Grand Santa (Bill Nighy) and elf Bryony (Ashley Jenson) steps into the scene to help Arthur keep his vow to deliver the gift to Gwen.

If you’ve watched ‘Miracle on 34th street’ or even ‘Polar Express’ you’ll probably know the kind of doubts that go around the mind of young kids about the existence of Santa. Many parents think a child should not be made to believe in certain things that may not be true. Please do not watch this film if you have any doubts about Santa and his gifts. Arthur Christmas is only for those who believe in this old man and Rudolf. It’s a film for everyone in the family. It may not have the best of 3D technology but it’s a great film to watch.