Happy Feet 2 (Film Review)


When Happy Feet (2006) won the Academy awards for the best animated feature film of the year, we knew a sequel is sure to follow. Come 2011 and we got Happy Feet 2, a very happy film relating once again to the world of penguins.

This time Mumble (Elijah Wood) is the grown up penguin and is the dad of another cuddly one Erik (Ava Acres) he is troubled because just like he could not sing like all other penguins but was an expert in dancing, Erik does not dance but is keen to fly. Courtesy, Sven (Hank Azaria), the mighty penguin who can sail the sky. Little does Erik and his friends know that Sven is actually a Puffin and only posing to be a penguin.
Everything goes on in its usual way in the cold Antarctic where among the dazzling snowy vista there are hundreds of this cute birds, seals, predator birds and a lot more to keep you glued to the cold world of Antarctic. Then the disaster happens and a giant ice berg collapses and most of the inhabitants get trapped. The two new interesting characters are come into the scene, the krill (shrimp like marine crustaceans). Interestingly, in the entire film along with all the lessons of life and value, of global warming that we learn, Will Krill (Brad Pitt) and Bill Krill (Matt Damon) steal the show. Talk of star power, eh!   Even though the main story line moves away giving place to Will & Bill, the two krill contribute tremendously to the film.

Please do not expect a great film like its prequel. But it is a very happy film with wonderful music and tap dancing. 3D technology has been used uniquely and in a smarter way than many other films that have been released currently. Cinematography is just out of the world, quite naturally as Antarctica is after all so beautiful. The nothingness is the region is its beauty and has been shown so well in the film. Special effects can always create a magic in films and here it was the ice berg attack.
It’s worth spending that much money to watch this film as it’s cute and happy.