Interview: Tollywood Hero Rahul on Bengali Movie "Ajob Prem Ebong Ekti Buser Golpo"

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By Shoma A. Chatterji

Hot Bengali Actress Paoli Dham and Rahul
Paoli Dham & Rahul

Calcutta, Nov 23, 2011 (Databazar Media Ventures) Rahul is a low-key actor noted for his understated style of acting. His choice of roles and banners might be a little zigzaggy but that is routine for all rising actors. He comes from a theatre background but is now firmly rooted to cinema. He talks about his work in Ajob Prem Ebong Ekti Bus-er Golpo and why it did not do as well as everyone expected it to. This is a strikingly unusual film acquired by Databazaar Media Ventures for distribution, streaming etc for North America and Canada. Another film Kagojer Bou directed by Bappaditya Bandopadhyay has also been acquired by Databazaar Media ventures in which Rahul plays an important, off-beat lead.

Why do you think Ajob Prem Ebong Ekti Bus-er Golpo did not do as well as you all expected to?

No one can predict the box office results of any film. It is a part of the film game. Some market leaders have said that one reason could be the simultaneous release of two films featuring me as hero. One is Ajob Prem Ebong Ekti Bus-er Golpo and the other is Get2Gether. Another reason could be the unprecedented rains that were so heavy with floods in rural areas that it stopped people from going to the theatres. They would have really loved this film because they could have identified with the issues it tackled.

How do you look back on the two films?

The two films are diametrically opposed in plot, theme and treatment. One is set against an urban backdrop and is a modern tale. The other is shot entirely in Bolpur and deals with a rural setting. But as I said, nothing is certain about the box office. Ajob Prem shows the hero’s two loves – for the bus and for the young widow who falls in love with him and he is torn between choosing one over the other. In Get2Gether, the love is unspoken, unexpressed and silent for a considerable period of time. Though Priyanka is my wife, we did not have intimate scenes in the film.

You have worked with Paoli in two successive films Kagojer Bou and Ajob Prem. How was the experience considering you had quite intimate scenes in the latter film?

I have a lot of respect for Paoli because she is not only a good actress but also totally stripped of any kind if inhibition. The same applies to me. So we have a wonderful working chemistry and have evolved a good comfort zone.

Did you learn to drive a bus before working in Ajob Prem?

Not at all, I considered it would be better not to take such risks though I know to drive a car. But while working in the film, memories of bus rides in the past came rushing back. Just get a seat was a blessing from above. A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, I would try to get off without buying a ticket as the money saved would go into buying Valentine’s Day cards.

How was the experience of working with the two directors?

Great. Ajob Prem was directed by Arindam De and Get2Gether was directed by Arindam Chakraborty. Their approach, style and treatment are so different that I found both films a very good learning experience. After all, I consider myself to be a small actor measured by the yardstick of contemporary Bengali mainstream cinema.

What forthcoming films are you looking forward to?

Aniket Chatterjee’s Goraye Gondogol which took me on location to Rajasthan to shoot a honeymoon segment. Moinak Bhowmick’s Bedroom is scheduled for release quite soon. I play a snobbish young man in this film and Parno Mitra is cast opposite me. Then there is Debaroti’s Hoichoi that features Paoli, Priyanka, me, Bijit and Bikram.

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