BIFFES Shortlists Films for World Competition Selects Retrospectives, Focus Films, Classics In Political Genre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, November 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire) The 4th BIFFES selection panel has short-listed the titles for the international competition section Bengaluru International Film Festival to be held in December (15 - 22) at four screens in Fame Lido and five other venues in different parts of the city.

"Though this is the first time that BIFFES has announced a competition section, about 40 films were submitted for entry into the international category. Most of the films received are on contemporary themes, made in 2010 and 2011, and have been highly acclaimed in top international festivals," said BIFFES artistic director HN Narahari Rao. The Indian and Kannada entry into the international competition section will be announced later.

"This is only the beginning," said festival director and chairman of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy TS Nagabharana. "With the quality of films that will be featured in the competition section this year, we are confident that Bengaluru will become an important international festival venue in the years to come," he added.

The list of films in the international competition category are:

  1. When We Leave, Dir:Feo Aladag (Germany/119/2010)
  2. Invisible, Dir:Michal Aviad (Israel/90/2011)
  3. 89 Shiwen Road, Dir:Haolum Shu (China/85/2010)
  4. Beyond, Dir:Pernilla August (Sweden/99/2010)
  5. Busong , Dir:Auraeus Solito (Philipines/93/2011)
  6. Ogul (the Son), Dir:Atilla Cengiz (Turkey/97/2011)
  7. Apartment in Athens, Dir:Ruggero Dipaola (Italy/90 mins/2010)
  8. In the Name of Devil, Dir:Barbara Sass (Poland/112/2011)
  9. The Colors Of The Mountain, Dir:Carlos Cesar Arbelaez (Colombia//)
  10. Lovely Man, Dir:Teddy Soeriaatmadja (Indonesia/75/2011)
  11. King of the Devil's Island, Dir: Marius Holst (Norway/120/2010)
  12. Lucky, Dir:Avie Luthra (South Africa/100/2011)

The South African entry Lucky features the city's own star actor and Rajya Sabha MP B Jayashree in a leading role for which she recently won the top acting honours at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival.

The festival organizers also announced the selections for the retrospective and focus sessions at the 4th BIFFES. They are: director Michael Cacoyannis Retrospective (Greece), featuring Our Last Spring (90m/1960), The Trojan Woman, (109m/1971),

Iphigenia (127m/1977), The Cherry Orchard (141m/1999) and Sweet Country (143m/1987).

The Theodoros Angelopoulos Retrospective (also Greece) comprises Landscape in the Mist (127m/1988), Eternity and a Day (137m/1998) and The Weeping Meadow (185m/2004).

A special retrospective of the cinema of Iran's Dariush Mehrjui, who is the guest of honour at the festival, includes The Cow (105m/1969), The Lodgers (110m/1986), Sara (102m/1993), The Pear Tree (96m/1998) and The Music Man (106m/2007).

Taiwanese director Hsiao-hsien Hou's Retrospective comprises Cafe Lumiere (103m/2003), Goodbye South Goodbye (124m/1996), Good Men Good Women (108m/1195), A Summer at Grandpa (93m/1986) and Daughter of the Nile (91m/1987)

The G Aravindan Retrospective has Thanmpu (129m/1978), Esthappan (94m/1980), Kumatty (90m/1979), Vastuhaara (103m/1991) and Chidambaram (103m/1985). And, the last in the section, Kannada's legendary Puttanna Kanagal's Retrospective has Nagarahaavu (184m/1972), Ranganayaki (196m/1981), Sharapanjara (180m/1971), Belli Moda (163m/1966) and Gejje Pooje (162m/1969).

In the Focus sections are films from Poland: Joanna (Dir: Feliks Falk /105m/2010), Flying Pig (Dir: Anna Kazejak/99m/2010), Venice (Dir: Jan Jakub Kolski/110m/2010), Little Rose (Dir: Jan Kidawa-Blonski/118m/2010) and The Rite of Passage (Dir: Janusz Majewski/108m/2010). The other country in focus, Egypt, is showcased with Helipolis (Dir: Ahmad Abdalla/96m/2009), Microphone (Dir: Ahmad Abdalla/120m/2010), 678 (Dir:Mohamed Diab/100m/2010), Hawi (Dir: Ibrahim El-Batout/112m/2010) and Two Girls from Egypt (Dir: Mohammed Amin/120m/2010).

A special attraction at the 4th BIFFES will be a special genre of political cinema featuring Z (Dir: Costa Gavras/France/127m/1969), Interrogation (Dir: Ryszard Bugajski/Poland/118m/1989), Lemon Tree (Dir: Eran Riklis/ Israel/106m/2008), Downfall (Dir: Oliver Hirschbiegel/Germany/156m/2004), The Whistle Blower (Dir: Larysa Kondracki/Canada/121m/2010), a special documentary Air India 182 (Dir: Sturla Gunnarsson/Canada/97m/2008), Mao's Last Dancer (Dir: Bruce Beresford/Australia/117m/2009) and Thanneer Thaneer (Dir: K Balachander/India/143/1981).

Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy was formed by the Government of Karnataka in 2009 to promote film culture in Karnataka. The Academy, under the chairmanship of TS Nagabharana, has taken up several projects to develop a healthy film culture in the state and adopted the motto of promoting 'Education in Cinema and Cinema in Education'. KCA has been conducting Film Appreciation Courses in different parts of the state, in colleges and film societies. It has also promoted the establishment of district, institutional and campus film societies all over the state. It engaged the members of these societies to participate in the first-ever KCA International Film Festival, a low-budget event with DVD screenings of 100 films, which found overwhelming response in Bengaluru and four other districts of Karnataka. The Academy is now mandated by the government to conduct the 4th BIFFES, the international film festival in Bengaluru, showcasing the Best in Cinema from around the world.

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