Interview: Film-Maker BIRSA DASGUPTA on Bengali Movies JANI DEKHA HOBE (2011) and 033 (2010)

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Birsa DasguptaWashington, DC, Nov 21, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Third-generation film-maker Birsa Dasgupta caused quite a stir with his 2010 film "033" which is considered one of the sparkling new movies by smart young film-makers that has once again made Bengali cinema glorious.

Birsa's eagerly awaited 2nd feature film "Jani Dekha Hobe", which is officially spelt "Jaani Dyakha Hawbe", is scheduled to open in theaters on Nov 25, 2011. Birsa shares his thoughts with Arijit Chakraborty in this audio interview about his becoming a film-maker and films.

"033" continues to be critically acclaimed, the latest feather in the film's cap is selection for screening in the new Calcutta/Kolkata section of 2011 Kolkata Film Festival, sharing the screen with iconic films like Jani Aranya, Interview, Jukti Torko Golpo, 36 Chowringee Lane etc.

Film-making comes naturally to Birsa - son of Raja Dasgupta and grandson of Harisadhan Dasgupta, both noted film-makers. Birsa has instinctively become a director without knowing exactly when. His brother Ribhu Dasgupta (interview) is also a film-maker, whose debut film Michael premiered at the Toronto Internationsal Film Festival a few weeks ago to much critical acclaim.

Birsa returned to Calcutta from Mumbai to make 033 because he felt he could best express himself in his mother tongue. The story of young people who decide to not leave the city like everyone else is in a way Birsa's tribute to his home which he had left and returned to.

Jaani Dekha Hobe (Bengali, 2011) Theatrical Trailer

After 033, Birsa wanted to make a film for a broader main-stream audience - and what better genre to appeal to the masses than a love story ! Jani Dekha Hobe is a new age urban love story of a young couple whose relationship becomes rough and who eventually reconcile. Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Payel Sarkar play the young couple, and Anjan Dutta plays Ishwariprasad aka Ishwar whose intervention is crucial to the couple getting back together. Mamata Shankar plays Ishwar's romantic partner in the film.

Birsa has tried to portray the characters of Anjan - Mamata as a romantic pair from yesteryears while that of Parambrata - Payel as the current generation. With Jani Dekha Hobe, Anjan Dutta returns to playing a major role in a film not of his own making.

Parambrata's character "Megh" is a singer-songwriter and music composer. Birsa wanted two very different and contrasting kinds of music in the film, and had Neel Dutta and Indradeep Dasgupta direct music. Singer-songwriter Anupam Roy performs songs in the film as a playback singer for Megh - thus making Jani Dekha Hobe the first film where Anupam Roy does not also direct music.

Here is wishing Jani Dekha Hobe great success from us here at WBRi.

Jaani Dekha Hobe (2011) Kolkata Bengali Movie Poster
Bengali Film Poster: Jani Dekha Hobe (2011)

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