Premer Kothakoli (2011) Bengali Movie Review

Kolkata, India, 4 November, 2011(Washington Bangla Radio/Penning Creations) “Premer Kothakoli” is another venture of director Alok Roy to reflect the common man’s problems, his crisis and its outcome. Simply put, it’s a story of complications in relationships. Roy has been an accomplished filmmaker but has given the Bengali film industry some not-so-major hits like “Dujone Milibo Abar” (2011) and “Sukher Basha” (2009).

“Premer Kothakoli”, a mainstream commercial directed by Alok Roy, illuminates different layers of relationships. The story of an extraordinary love affair in an individual’s life is the basic theme of this film. Produced by Surakha and presented by Sujoy Mukherjee, this movie will strike a chord with many a romantic heart of thousands of Bengalis. Purple Motion Pictures presents the movie featuring Dolon Ray, Arunima Ghosh, Pallabi Chatterjee, Dron Mukherjee, Shantilal Mukherjee, Arjun Chakraborty and Sujoy Mukherjee. The actors have portrayed themselves and performed their roles in quite a decent manner. The three main actors in particular have played their role with conviction and the remaining cast is just about passable.

This film shows how the character of a man dwindles and he falls for both the mother and the daughter. It shows how a married woman is forced to go beyond the established norms of marriage and her desire to quench her physical needs makes her fall for a much younger guy. And the twist is … the guy is none other than the man her daughter is in love with! A mixology of passion, emotion and the conventional spicing-up of hot and steamy scenes make for a decent watch for anyone who enjoys typical masala potboilers.

The screenplay could have been better yet the film has a strong storyline that will make up for the loss. With Tollywood soaring high with romantic films, “Premer Kothakoli” can be expected to taste success with such an erotic representation of love and its myriad complications that has caught the fancy of today’s Bengali movie goers. To feel the emotional tug, one will have to wait to see what unfolds from a series of complications surrounding the lives of three individuals. Arunima and Dron though madly in love, just can’t seem to get it together, thanks to the lust and desire of the mother.

The contemporary compositions written by Goutam Susmit and portions of Rabindra Sangeet makes the film stand out distinctly. Rupankar, Kumar Sanu, Ipsita, Riddhi, Mahua Bose, Subhankar Bhaskar, Aninda and Kamalika Chatterjee have lent their voices in the film and the songs though not catchy, are hummable.

The earlier ventures of Roy did not produce anticipated results and could not make it big in the box office. However, “Premer Kothakoli” with an unexplored plot, expects to draw big collections from the box office. Though this movie promises generous dollops of romance, its turn at the box-office is yet to be seen.

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