Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja


Name of the Puja Committee : Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee,
                                                     5/1, Kashi Bose Lane, Kolkata – 700 006.

History Of this Puja      : It was the foregoing time of 2nd World war. In the year of 1937, the British empower stopped the puja at ‘Simla Bayam Samity’ in North Kolkata, which was mainly organized by some freedom – fighters. They came to Kashi Bose Lane CIT park along with some local enthuastic youths & residents & arranged & started the Durga puja at Kashi Bose Lane ground, but in the time of 2nd World War (in 1939), this tune of had been loosened for one year due to the socio-economic situation. But then , this durga puja continues till now with adding various dimensions to Kolkata Durga Puja Festival & enriches the significance of Bengali culture world wide. In 2012, Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee will be going to celebrate 75th year i.e. the Platinum Jubilee year to poise the projection to the masses & to develop a well entrenched tradition in Bengal rather in Indian socio-economic landscape for attracting visitors from far & wide and also for winning their hearts. The main objective of this puja is to provide the message of peace to the masses with endless joy, prosperity, love & happiness forever.

About the Puja Committee : Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee is known as one of the oldest ‘”Barowari” in North Kolkata, located near Scottish Church Collegiate School & Khudiram Bose Central College on Bidhan Sarani, ( in between Hatibagan crossing & Hedua Crossing), Kolkata – 700 006. This committee maintains the Bengali heritage strongly with our tradition & aristocracy. Here, every year Durga puja starts from the day after ‘Mahalaya’ , called ‘Pratipada’, obeying all the customs & rituals e.g. ‘108 (one hunred & eight) rupi Chandipath & worshipping of Dasmahabidya by twenty one Brahmins. Devi Katyayani’s Puja, Chatusasthi Jogini Puja, Sandhi Puja, Aparajita Puja, Navadurga puja, Astanaika Puja, Mahachadika “Home” & many more are being held with grandeur and devotion from Pratipada to Dasami. This committee have taken up pioneering leadership in whole Kolkata for distributing “Bhogs” from “Shasthi” to “Nabami” for all visitors & always praised by famous press & electronic medias & also performing their live shows. In the day of Mahanabami, “Chappnna Bhog Utsav” ( i.e.  56 items of cooked food) is being solemnized. This committee also prepares their future generation to carry on this work successfully which was started by their ancestors. Average footfalls per day from “Shasthi” to “Nabami” are about one lakh per day. Slogan of next year is – “ Du Hazar Baro, Kashi Bose Lane Aro Baro”.


Achievements : Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee has glorious past. This puja has not only won thousands of hearts, but a lot of numbers of “Sharad Sammans” also still now. Starting from the year of 1991, this committee has honored by Asian Paints Sharad Samman, follows with 1st Prize in whole West Bengal from “Pratidin Sera Pratima – O - Sajja  Pratijogita” in 1992 & in 1993, again this committee has got Asian Paints Sharad Samman. After that in every year this Committee has been honored many times by Snocem Ananda Sharad Arghya, BNG Nalanda Group Sharad Bhusan, News Time Pujor Askar, CESC The Telegraph True Spirit Puja - 4 Star & 3Star Awards, Rupa Srestho Sharad Samman, M. P. Birla Foundation Sharad Samman, Star Ananda Best Jury Award, Kolkata Blood Doners Forum – Srestho Parikalpana, Rotaract Club Pujor Sera -  Sera Pratima, IBP Red Sera Singha and many more. Beside these, this puja was also nominated for the final round i.e top ten or twelve pujas,  like Asian Paints Sharad Samman, Snocem Pratidin Puja Perfect, 24 Ghanta Sera Pujo, Impact puja Safety Awards, Finolex Alok Surakha Samman, Rotay Club etc. In spite of that, best comments is created by the visitors for this puja  – “Biswae chaoa, Abak hoye paoa, Ai Kashi Bose Lane- er prangane”.

Reach Out : To access this puja, from Howrah Station, Sealdaha Station, Dunlop Crossing & Ultadanga Crossing, first you have to reach the bus stoppage at Hedua Park  or Scottish Church School, & just walk 1 minute on Bidhan Sarani, you reach your destination. From Girsh Park Metro Station, you walk towards Hedua Park (12 mins approx.) or from Sovabazar Sutanuti Metro Station, you walk towards Hatibagan (11 mins approx.), you will get Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee on Bidhan Sarani.

Creations : Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee is not believing in abstract theme fever, but obeying the firstly & strongly to worship the goddess of Durga. In recent years, some pujas diverts the mind of visitors to perverted or distorted Maa durga idol; we are strongly against it. We have faith & belief for worshipping of goddess Durga by maintaining all our culture, heritage, rituals, aristocracy & rich tradition. Like every year, this committee has come up with a unique rich theme to dazzle lakhs of pandal hoppers. Our last 21 years, pandal themes were based on replica i.e. realistic theme concept & materialistic theme concept. Subjective theme was started from 2011 i.e. “Pasaner Pran” , conceptulised by famous President Prize Winner Artist Shri Gouraga Quilla. Our idol maintains always rich tradition with gorgeous ornaments which were articulated by famous artist Sri B. Pal, Sri Mohan Bansi Rudra Pal , Sri Sanatan Rudra Pal, Sri Nepal Pal & Gouranga Pal 


from Kumartuli, Kolkata, Sri Sankar Pal from Ghurni, Krishnanagar, Nadia, Sri Kushadhag Bera from Balichawk, Kharagpur, Paschim Midnapore and many more.

Looking back of our glorious past 21 years pandal themes : 

Year Year of Occasion Theme Concepts

2011 74th  year “Pasaner Pran” -Hillside durga temple where Maa durga & family smearing with gorgeous cosmetics. Conceptualized by : Sri Gouranga Quilla.

2010 73rd year Pandal made by the different designed crafts of fourteen types of wooden pieces of bamboo, neem, kadam, teak , wood-apple, sal tree etc. , inside theme – Nabadurga.

2009 72nd year Pandal made by the different designed crafts of glasses.

2008 71st year South Indian Style Pandal made by the different designed crafts of baked clay i.e. Poramati & tercota handicrafts.

2007 70th year Pandal made by the different designed crafts of various parts of coconut trees.

2006 69th year Pandal made in first time in Kolkata  by the different designed of fiber glass with black & golden coloured.

2005 68th year Pandal made by the different designed crafts of Bamboo pieces.

2004 67th year Pandal made of replica of Tirupati Temple, inside design & sculptures prepared by thermo cal & paper pulp etc.

2003 66th year Continuous flow of water from the head of Lord Shiva situated at top of the hill (55 feets long)

2002 65th year Alive pandal made in first time in Kolkata  by the different design framed of paddy  plants crafts .

2001 64th year Pandal made by the different designed crafts of thermo cal plates, cold drinks bottle caps etc., Theme – Women’s Power.

2000 63rd year Pandal made in first time in Kolkata  by the different designed crafts of coloured foams.

1999 62nd year Pandal made by the different designed crafts of glass bottles, tubes, glass pieces, glass paintings etc. – concept by Government Art College students team .

1998 61st year Pandal made in first time in Kolkata  by the Government Art College students team called Crescent Moon, Materials used – thermo cal, jute, plaster of paris etc.

1997 60th year Pandal made of replica of old Zamindar Palace.

1996 59th year Pandal made of replica of Rath (Chariot) where driver was Lord Krishna & driven by five whiten gorgeous horses.

1995 58th year Pandal made in first time in Kolkata  by the nine features  design framed of Lord Ganesha.

1994 57th year Pandal made in first time in Kolkata  by the different designed crafts of wooden jute sticks (pankati).

1993 56th year Pandal made of replica of Assembly of Karnataka.(first time in Kolkata). 

1992 55th year Pandal made of replica of Bombay V.C ‘s house. (first time in Kolkata ).

1991 54th year Pandal made of replica of Russian Parliament. (first time in Kolkata ).


Social Activities & Responsibilities : Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee has made an important mark of itself in Kolkata for performing various social activities. They provides the financial support to the different organizations e.g. Hathkhola Prem Bihar, Saradeswari Mission – O – Ashram, The Calcutta Orphanage & Voice of world (a unit of Behala Blind School) etc.. They also donate in  Governor’s Relief Fund. They have also organize to distribute of sarees, garments, cloths, winter wears, bed sheets, medicines etc. to the street children & poor people of the locality from time to time.

Through out of the year, this puja conducts Acupressure Clinic (4 days in a week), Eye Testing Clinic (3 days in a week) with imported computerized eye testing machine in air conditioned chamber. They have organized the medical camps with assistance of another NGO named “Prem Milan, Kolkata” at Kumbha Mela in Haridwar & at Nalikul near Tarakeswar, Hooghly. In spite of that, they have beautiful arrangements for free distribution of spectacles to people (open door for both poor as well as rich people) for every month. Also, they conducts free cataract operations of  15-20 nos. of patients per month in association of Prem Milan, Kolkata. It has been always challenge of this committee & also for beneficial of the society. 

Apart from pomp in this puja, special cares are taken at every coners . They have used energy saving LED lights as maximum as possible. They have arranged electric safety, fire safety as well as visitors safety like 24 X 7 video surveillance, arrangements of wheel chairs for aged & physically challenged persons, lime water distribution, facility of drinking water, gents & ladies toilet, generators, emergency lights, separate pathways of guest, patients & aged persons, arrangements of First aid booth & ambulance both government (Civil Defence) & private organizations etc.  Because of its welfare activities & for its sincere dedication to organize an auspicious occasion of durga puja, they have been honored with many Sarad Sikritis every year & will continue to do the same successfully.

Contact Persons:  Pradipta Nan (9231535136), Lokesh Chowdhury (9836063539), Somen Dutta (9830152526), Gorachand Chadra (9830048706), Kali Prasanna Bhattacharya (9830264873).