Swapan Saha's BEST FRIEND (Bengali, 2011) Tollywood Movie Premieres in Kolkata

Best Friendz (Best Friends) Bengali Film Cast Members at Premiere
Mainak, Biswajit, Sujoy and Priyanka

Kolkata, November 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio/Penning Creations): Three friends. Check. Mindless comedy. Check. Dancing around trees. Check. Mushy-to-the-gags-romance. Check. OTT action sequences. Check. Result…a tribute to the 90’s Bengali melodrama that makes us quite forget that the Bengali film industry had only recently donned the revamped look!!...all thanks to the latest Swapan Saha commercial, “Best Friend”.

Bengali Actress Priyanka Ghosh
Priyanka Ghosh

The premiere of the movie was held on Nov 11 at Bijoli Theater in Kolkata. Present at the event were the leading cast Mainak, Biswajit, Sujjoy, Priyanka (Ghosh, her namesake and the more popular Sarkar was missing from the action), apart from a few supporting cast including Subhasish Mukhopadhay and Ranjan Bhattacharjee, TV soap regulars. The team was perceptibly quite excited, especially the leading actors since almost all of them were fresh faces. As for Mainak, it was his first break on the big screen since he had already made a TV appearance with Star Jalsha’s wedding (actually, wedlock!) reality show, Swayamvar. Talking of the lead actors, Subhasish Mukhopadhay had words of praise for each of them, “They’ve done a very good job!...they were co-operative and worked completely in-sync with the senior artistes.” The boys on the other hand, sure had fun while the making of this movie as was evident from Mainak’s comment, “It was a fun-filled experience!”

The king of Bengali potboilers and the maker of the movies like “Baba Keno Chakar” and “Manush Keno Beiman”, Swapan Saha was present at the event that also had the music composer, Ashok Bhadra and the screenplay writer, Manjil Banerjee.  Still, the event was a rather simple show without the presence of almost any Tolly bigwigs. The only actress in the movie worth some recognition, Priyanka Sarkar’s presence could’ve put some life into the event, that said, it was a rather a lukewarm affair.

The film revolves round the lives of three best friends (apparently!), who support each other through thick and thin. From beating the criminals to the pulp to braving a screeching uncle (played by the well-known comedian, Subhasish Mukhopadhay), the friends stand true to their friendship. Love comes to these friends in the form of the two leading ladies who do nothing more than breaking off into song-and-dance sequences at the drop of a hat.

Shot mostly at Digha, the movie, however, scores some points for capturing the seaside beauty of Digha in some nice frames. There is nothing extraordinary about the music by Ashok Bhadra, the only saving grace being a track by Kunal Ganjawala.

Overall, “Best Friend” seems like a brave attempt by Swapan Saha for it has the elements to appeal to a section of the mass but will it strike a chord with the audience-in-general?... well, let’s wait and watch!

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