Lena Meijer Children's Garden (Grand Rapids, United States)


Like every year, India celebrated Children’s day on 14th of November. But there is a place in the Frederick Meijer’s garden in Michigan that celebrates Children’s day everyday of the year. Since this garden has no age bar, we visited the place to feel and enjoy the childhood days, once again. The garden is a unique place for the children to learn, explore and enjoy.
We entered through the huge gate, there was also a mouse hole, but we chose the gate. The first attraction here is the garden of five senses that had the nose, ear, tongue, hand and eyes displayed around the garden and each accompanied by things that could make one understand how the senses work. For e.g. near the ear there was a small musical instrument that one can play and other equipments that explained how sound travelled.


(Garden of five senses-touch)


(model of Great Lakes)

The next in line was a miniature version of the Great lakes of North America. It was a great concept and one had to climb up to a certain level to get a full view of the lakes and to see how and where those were interconnected. Small notes on how fresh lake water was different from ocean water and how the lakes were formed and what are the states that border these lakes was an interesting thing to know for kids of all ages.
Next we visited the log cabin, the wooded wetlands and a rock quarry where kids could  use the shovels to dig the soil and find fossils. This was the most crowded place and all kids love the game of messing with dirt and they were all doing it so happily.
Nearby was the Treehouse village on which on could climb up by stairs. There is a big bird’s nest and some insects too. I thought it was a little too scary for the kids as there would be some genuine bugs in the trees. 
Out of the Treehouse scenario we walked on the ‘sculpture walk.’ This was a very interesting place as the sculptures here were made of various things. For e.g., the most interesting was the sculpture ‘family of wolves’ that was made purely out of rods, wires and junk. Quite innovative I must say. The Juggling Crowns were made of some sort of metal and three of those had three different expressions on their faces. A bear, a dragon all were there to complete the sculpture walk. 
Very near the sculpture walk was the butterfly maze where one could enter at his or her own risk and then find the way out.
We spent a lot of time here and moved to the puppet amphitheatre to watch a show before we finally left to explore the rest of the gardens.


(Sculpture walk: family of wolves)


(Butterfly maze)