Legoland, Windsor-UK (Children's Day Special)


Imagine a land, dedicated to children, a kingdom with no limits on adventure and excitement, a safe and happy place where the imagination knows no bound. Lego land, in Windsor, is the answer. A place where the fun never stops and the children reign supreme. Windsor, a small town in the district of Berkshire in UK, hosts this wonderful place for children.

While in Windsor, everyday I walked down from the hotel near the Victoria Barrack to the Parish church.  The Parish church bus stop was never very crowded but on one particular day it was full of kids of all colours ranging from 2 to 15 years. I realized that it was a Sunday and there was a colourful bus coming there every fifteen minutes with a board of “Lego land Shuttle” hung on it, loading it with the children and their parents and zooming off. Within minutes I found myself in the queue for the bus and started enjoying the excitement in each one of them. A lovely bright pink and mauve coloured bus drove in in a few minutes. That’s a regular link to the theme park from the Windsor town center. Minutes before the bus reached the park, there was a quiet yet noticeable excitement among the children and finally a loud applause. I looked out of the large window of my seat and saw the alphabets and finally came the word “ WELCOME.” While getting off the bus, the driver announced that he would be there every quarter of an hour and the last bus would leave the park at 5.30 in the evening. I had quite some time in my hand and proceeded towards the ticket counter for a ticket and a map.  

The park is split into eight areas, most of which are based on a range of Lego sets. It starts with the creation center and the Lego racer. On the left hand side there is a miniland, which has all the main structures of Europe in miniature form. A small train took me from the top of the hill down to the center of the park. My first experience was the “spinning spider” and the “amazing mazes.” The spinning spider is a ride in which I sat on a carriage with a massive spider above me, all made of Lego, and spin around while being moved around. Children of all age were enjoying it except some who found the spider a little repulsive. The “ amazing maze” had attractions like waterfalls, lakes and of course maze. Next in turn were the “ chairoplane”, the flying chair ride and the “ ferry wheel ride” which gave me a complete view of the park. 


The most convincing thing about Lego land is that, each and every ride is very safe and children of all ages could take a ride on it. I anxiously stood in a queue to be on the “fairy tale brook ride” where I was taken on a boat ride on a brook and there were all the characters of fairy tales, made out of Legos, on the banks of the brook. Each of them had a dialogue of their own recorded in a recorder and being played every time a boat passed by. A ride on the “adventure express” was the next in line. The train took me all over the park and in between, the stage was set up like a zoo with all animals made of Legos. 

This included elephants, which sprinkled water on me, snakes hissed at me as my compartment passed by and a gorilla came out of a cave on a trolley, banged its chest and roared aloud. I controlled myself from clapping and laughing aloud.

It was time for the puppet show in the “Willow Stage.” I sat with a packet of popcorn among children of all ages and watched the puppet show “Pied Piper of Hamlin” where the Pied Piper was called Elvis and plays a guitar instead of the flute. It is wonderful, especially the young storyteller who keeps the audience, all aged between 2 to 10, absolute spellbound. While coming out of the park the last show, which I saw, was the “Jack Stone Stunt Show”, a show packed with special effects and gymnasts and of course hilarious comic routines. 


My watch was reminding me of my commitments back in the town and I made my way towards the train, which would again take me uphill to the exit. There are a few shops near the exit. I went inside and bought a few caps and T-shirts with the Lego land logo on them. Waiting for the bus outside the park and finally while coming back I wished I could again go back to my early school days and just not bother about anything else but fun, fun and fun!