Film Preview: “Aamra Paanch” (2012) - a Bengali children’s movie in the making

Kolkata, November 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio/ Penning Creations): It’s after a lull of many years, that the Bengali film industry is abuzz with the news of a children’s movie going on floor. Producer City Entertainment is joining hands with TFL Training India Private Limited to present “Aamra Paanch”-a film reportedly “for the Children, of the Children and by the Children”.

Based on a totally new concept, “Aamra Paanch” is a farcry from the mainstream Tollywood movies of today. Mrigendra M. Dhar, the brain behind the storyline, has put up a sincere effort to create something exclusively for the children who are constantly being fed with the kind of contents that are clearly not meant for them. Helpless parents do shift in their seats but have little choice when the skin-show and sexually explicit music have become a winning formula in the market. In such a situation, “Aamra Paanch” definitely sounds like a breather.

A story of a five kids who join forces to save Amal, a child suffering from thalassemia, with the help of their Bengali teacher, “Aamra Paanch” does pack in some punch with the game of “good – vs – evil”. How they manage to outrun a villain and finally reach their goal to save Amal’s life is the crux of the plot.

“Based on humanitarian grounds”, as put by Mrigendra M. Dhar, “Aamra Paanch” is a movie that comes with a message. The shoe-string budget of the film, the makers fear, might render it insignificant in comparison to the Tollywood biggies. However, the hopes are high for “Aamra Paanch” for it promises to be a new wave in the children’s movie genre in Bengali, the last being Raja Sen’s critically acclaimed “Damu”.

Directed by Asish Mitra, the screenplay and dialogue of this film is by Sankar Dasgupta.  The outdoor shoots for “Aamra Paanch” are slated to begin from Nov 18, 2011 at Gadiara, a picturesque village in Howrah.

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